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Which HiTi Printer for Photographers?
Still not sure which HiTi photo Printer to choose? Take a look at our advice below.

Need Help Choosing your HiTi Photo Printer?

If you need some guidance then feel free to call us for impartial advice. You may also wish to view the comparison chart to get a better overall view of the product range.

All our HiTi Photo Printers come with a 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied - We want you to be sure that you are pleased with your purchase.

This printer paid for itself in the first afternoon I used it - Customers went home with their prints in their hands and all paid for. Its easier than printing banknotes and possibly more profitable - Eldridge Photography

We covered the cost of the printer at our first event.

We used it for a small event last night and yet again it paid for itself in under 2 hours!
Our customers are delighted with the results and are willing to pay accordingly - HarveyKing Photography

I bought one just over three months ago and it had paid for itself with the first commission on which it was used. - Willows Photo Library

From our experience of talking to Photographers, the most popular model is the 730PS, it offers print sizes of 6x4, 7x5 & 8x6. Its low cost of purchase, ease of use and low running costs together with its portability make it the ideal choice for Professional and Event Photographers. In fact the key reason quoted to us by professionals as to why they are purchasing a HiTi Photo printer, is that it can be operated in a car or van etc. via an optional inverter, and so produce client photos immediately at any venue, when the likelyhood of a purchase is more likely.

One case study that highlights this point precisely was relayed to us by a photographer, who unexpectedly made extra money one evening while on his way home from covering an equestrian event. He was driving past a field when he saw a group of people exercising their horses. He stopped and asked if they wanted any action photos taken. They were enthusiastic and quickly agreed a price. He had a HiTi 730PS in the car running off an inverter, so as soon as he had taken all the necessary photos, he just printed them out there and then within minutes for the riders to take home with them straight away. He said he believed that it wasn't only his professional photography skills that got the majority of the photos sold, but also the speed at which he was able to produce the photos for his eager customers.

If you need the remote templating facilities then the 730Gala is worth looking at. We would only recommend the 730PL if you are sure that you will NEVER need to use the printer in stand alone mode. Many photographers initially say that they probably wouldn't use this facility, but then find that it is extremely useful once they see how effective the built-in editing features are!

I didn't think I would be printing straight from the camera but the results speak for themselves. - Mike Orr

You can print directly from the card for once I did not even open photoshop, this saved me so much time especially with a busy portrait studio on the go. I was able to print directly using DPOF (direct print setting from the camera). Very Impressed. System insight were more than helpful Thankyou. - FocusFirst, Cambridge

The printer is capable of printing direct from the memory card and this has been useful for quick prints - Eldridge Photography, Southampton

Good Idea

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