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Olympus P-10 Dye Sub Printer
The quick and easy 6x4 Dye-sub Photo Printer from Olympus.

Olympus P 10 Dye Sublimation Photo Printer

The P10 Dye sublimation photo printer shares the same technology and ability to produce stunning photos, as its more expensive P-440 professional cousin, except at a fraction of the price. You can now print your very own photos at home, quickly, cheaply and easily.

Pricing & Consumables
Customer Reviews of the P-10

The P-10 printer allows you to print out your images in just 44 seconds. If you have a PictBridge compatible camera like the C-310, you don't even need a PC. Simply connect the camera to the printer to gain instant prints. Note: Mac OS is not supported.

Top class laminated photo prints from an Olympus P-10 impress every time

Quality has priority in this compact printer. It produces laminated prints that really impress with their stunning photo-realism; whether to document memorable private moments or produce print-outs for professional purposes.

When you see the results, it may at first be hard to believe that the printer has a resolution of 310 dpi - which is much less than those of the ink-jets you so often read about in magazines. Click here to find out why.

Dye-sublimation also produces continuous colour tones, something most ink-jet printers aren't capable of generating - no matter how many dpi they have. In addition, photos printed with the dye-sublimation method are resistant to environmental influences such as light, humidity and staining, ensuring that the pictures impress even years later.

Controlling your overheads with fixed cost consumables means you get no waste from your photo printing because there are no spoilt printsFixed print costs!

Print costs are constant, unlike inkjet printers, because everything you need to produce perfect prints is included in the media pack.

Two packs sizes are available 40 prints and 100 prints.

Dye sublimation prints are far superior to prints printed on an inkjet print. Click Here for more details on the Dye Sublimation process.

What's in the Box?
AC adapter / power cable, Paper & ribbon starter set, CD-ROM, Quick Start Guide, Instruction Manual Book, Warranty card.

Carry Case for your P10 photo printers

Mounts & Folders for your photos

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