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Olympus P440 - What we Think!
Our views on the Olympus P440 Printer.

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What We Think of the Olympus P440

At System Insight we are impartial when it comes to advice on which product to buy. We would never consider selling anything that we didn't consider to be a good product. Our aim is to help you acquire the product that is right for you.

By giving you a complete overview of this printer, it will help you make the decision as to which printer or printers are suited to your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information or photo samples to help you decide.

Overview of the P440
The Olympus P440 has many fine features, plus it's easy to use and has low running costs, making this dye-sublimation printer ideal for casting, modelling and other agencies producing portrait photos. It's made by Olympus, so it speaks for itself.
The P-440 is capable of using either xD or Compactflash Memory Cards and so can be used stand alone without the need of a PC.

Print Size & Media Options
The P440 is classified as an A4 printer producing a 8"x10" image that needs to be hand trimmed if the border needs to be removed.

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Print Speed
This hard worker takes just 75 seconds (excluding data transmission time), to deliver an A4 print of a quality that convinces your most demanding clients.

Print Quality
You may be surprised to discover the P-440 from Olympus has a resolution of 314 dpi, especially as many ink-jet models have multiples of this.
Learn why dye sublimation produces a higher quality photo from a lower dpi.

A P440 will operate between 220v-240v supply and can also be run from an inverter if being used away from mains power in a car or caravan etc. Contact us for more details.

Simple - None required! Just keep changing the ribbon and paper when they are exhausted.

Both Windows & Mac Compatible.

What we like about the P440
The P440 is a very nice printer; it saves the user precious time as memory cards can be taken straight from the camera and inserted into the printer so you don't have to first download them to a computer. Also the integrated colour 1.8" LCD, shows the image clearly so it is possible to check it and perform small alterations, such as to the layout, there and then. This printer is a most appropriate choice for the professional photographer.

What we don't like about the P440
Not at lot really! Unfortunately it cannot print an image larger than 10"x8", but as that is the preferred image size generally, it not too much of a drawback.

Other Considerations
Depending upon your requirements, you may also want to consider the Hi-Ti 730PS printer. The 730PS is a lot cheaper, but can only print photos up to 8x6 and needs the media replacing every 30 images. Its dominant feature however, is that it can be operated stand alone without the need for a PC. It will print photos directly from any digital camera memory card and its small size and light weight make it truly portable when used via an inverter in your car or caravan etc. In our opinion this printer used as an alternative to or in partnership with the Olympus P440, provides an ideal photo printing solution anywhere anytime.

Print Speed on the 730PS is about 90 seconds for an 8x6, though for a very much lower purchase price. Should speed be an issue, this could be possibly overcome by buying two 730 printers to run simultaneously!

In our opinion it is the number of images you need to produce that dictates the printer you need. If you need speed and a lower cost per print, then the P440 takes some beating. If you need stand alone facilities and don't have as many images to print, then we recommend giving the 730 series careful attention.

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