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  1. questionConnecting Multiple Printers to a HiTi P510K
    Additional HiTi P720L or HiTi P510S printers can be connected to a P510K which allows multiple print sizes or extra capacity to be added to a HiTi P510K system. If you want to add additional printers to a 510K then you will need to connect the printers to the P510K's USB port. Once the printer h ...
  2. questionI'm getting occasional specks on my prints - how do I stop this happening?
    Dust marks on your prints are unusual and are usually a sign the your printer has been left in a very dusty environment. White or coloured specks on the prints can be caused by dust or small paper particles in the printer. They will generally be removed by running a couple of test prints through ...
  3. questionCan you print 2 x 6x4 Photos on 6x9 Media on a Mitsubishi D70
    Yes, this is possibe when using a PC. The selection is in the printer driver how ever if you only need one 6x4 then you in effect waste the other which becomes a blank print. If you are printing in multiples of two images then this isn't a problem of course. This isn't the most cost effective wa ...
  4. questionWill my printer driver work with OSX Lion
    8th August 2011 Mac OSX Lion 10.7 Our advice is NOT to upgrade your Apple Mac until full testing has been done or you may risk not being able to use your printer. This is purely precautionary and the same advice as we would give for any new operating system. Mac Users can create a second partiti ...
  5. questionI keep getting a Ribbon Mismatch Error
    This is caused when the printer driver and media size installed in the printer are not the same. You might be trying to print a 6x9 and have 6x9 media in the printer, however the print driver maybe set for 7x5. Always ensure that the size you have in the printer matches the size of media in the ...
  6. questionWhich Mitsubishi Printers will use the High Grade Media?
    The High Grade Media can be used with the CP9800DW(S) and the CP9810DW(S) as these printer are faster than the CP9550DW (S) Series the media spends less time on the head and the blacks were found to be less vivid so Mitsubishi created the high grade media. The High Grade media is not needed for ...
  7. questionWill my Dye Sub Printer print RAW Files?
    Most dye sub printers will print whatever is sent from your application although using RAW files is an overkill in this situation. IF you really need RAW files, then shoot RAW and JPG and only use the JPG files with the RAW files reseverved for after the event. Wireless transmitters usually have ...
  8. questionWhat image file size should I use at an Event?
    For the most part, the maximum print size you will be printing at events is 6x9". You may occasionally need to print 12x8" but you will very rarely need to print larger than this. Buying photographs at an event is an 'impulse buy' and larger format reprints are rare. This being the case, the pi ...
  9. questionWhat different print sizes will the Mitsubishi CP3800DW print?
    The Mitsubishi CP3800DW is capable of printing a variety of different sized prints through the PC print driver (options through the Click System or when using an Apple Mac maybe different). The print sizes (in inches) supported by the Windows print driver are: 8x10 8x12 8x4 8x4 (x2) 8x5 8x5 (x2) ...
  10. questionHow do I print two 5x7's borderless on a CP3800DW?
    This isn't possible as the media roll is 8 inches wide. This is a physically limitation based on media size and not a deficiency of the CP3800DW of course It is possible to print 2x 6x8's on 12x8 media using a PC however.
  11. questionHow can I find out how many prints are left on my media for the Hi-Ti P510S / 510K printers
    On a Windows PC: Go into Printers and faxes within control panel Find the HiTi Printer Right click and go to properties go to Printing preferences.. go to the tools tab along the top Select Status This will tell you the remaining prints on the media. It is also possible to tell (using the menu ...
  12. questionHow can I find out how many prints are left on my media for my Mitsubishi DW printer
    This can only be done from a Windows system (Mac users could install the printer in VMWare just for the purporse of finding the remaining prints) Go to printer & Faxes within control panel. Find your CP9550DW and right click on it. go to properties. Go to printing preferences.. There will ...
  13. questionIs there an ICC profile available for my Mitsubishi CP8000DW
    There is no alternative ICC profile available for the Mitsubishi CP8000DW other than the one provided by Mitsubishi with the driver disc. We do offer a custom profile service for printers which is currently priced at £83.34 + vat. We will need your printer for a couple of hours if you wish ...
  14. questionCan i print a 6x4 image on 6x9 media?
    When using the HiTi P510SI and S you can print 2 different 6x4 images on 6x9 media. However this will only work standalone or on a Windows PC. The P510 does not offer this solution when used on a Apple Mac.
  15. questionCan I brand my photographs on the HiTi P510si?
    Yes, the HiTi P510S and the SI models both offer branding and overlay solutions. The printer comes with FREE software (PC only) that enables you to convert your frames and overlays easily to be compatible with the P510S and SI. These frames are loaded into the printer and the overprint option sh ...
  16. questionWhat is the difference between the Mitsubishi CP3020 and the Mitsubishi CP3800 ?
    Both the Mitsubishi CP3800DW and the Mitsubishi CP3020DAE printers will print either 10x8" or 12x8" depending on the media size loaded. The CP3020 is sheet fed with 50 sheets at a time being loaded while the CP3800 is roll fed being able to print 110 prints to 12x8" and 130 prints to 10x8" from ...
  17. questionDo I have to remove the paper and ribbon from the printer when I am transporting it?
    Strictly speaking, the answer is no. If you are personally moving the printer and it is not likely to be bumped or violently moved then there should be no problem with leaving the media (paper roll and ribbon) in the machine. However, you should be aware that the weight of the paper roll can dam ...
  18. questionHow can I print Black & White Photo's on my P510K?
    This is easily done by firstly selecting the image you wish to print from the touch-screen. You then select 'More Edits' and then 'Photo Effect'. From the 'Photo Effect' screen, you choose the effect you want (Black & White, Sepia etc). If you then press 'Close' then 'Next'(right arrow), the ...
  19. questionMy computer keeps telling me that My P510S is in standalone mode.
    This means that the printer is in one of the sub menus. Just press the cross button on the printer until it is back to the main screen and you will have cancelled stand alone mode.
  20. questionCan I print Matt prints on a HiTi P510S or 510K?
    Yes Matt printing is possible but your printer may need to have a firmware upgrade to allow this. More details on Matt Printing using a HiTi P510S / 510K series
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