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  1. questionHow do I pay for the media when I rent a printer?
    With most of the printers we rent, you are charged only for the prints you actually use. For instance, 6x8"/6x9" media is charged at £0.59 per print so if you only use 10 prints you will be only be charged £5.90. If you use 50 prints you will be charged £29.50 and if you use 10 ...
  2. questionHow many prints will I need to order with a rental printer?
    This is a difficult question to answer as it obviously depends on the type and structure of the event. The main criteria are the number of guests, the shooting window, your workflow structure, how quickly pictures can be taken and how quickly they can be viewed and printed. You should primarily ...
  3. questionWhen can I expect my printer rental deposit back?
    The printer will be tested and a print count made within 2 working days of its return. Your deposit (less the charge for number of prints done) will be credited to your card approximately 7 working days after this.