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Knowledgebase for Click and IT5000 Event Systems

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  1. questionWhat is the difference between a Mitsubishi Click IT5000 and a Mitsubishi Click Lite?
    The Mitsubishi Click IT5000 was originally designed (and continues to be used) as a server for mini-lab, high-volume printing systems, with the ability to be connected to up to 6 Mitsubishi dye-sublimation printers for multi-format printing. With it's easy to operate, touch-screen software, it q ...
  2. questionWhat do I need to run a second monitor from my Click Lite?
    You have two options: If you wish to mirror your Click screen on second monitor, you will need a VGA Splitter Cable (please see: ). If you wish to run the Click Carrousel facility (slideshow) on the second monitor, you will need a USB ...
  3. questionCan I run my Mitsubishi DWS printer from Windows or Mac?
    None of the DW-S (red fronted) models are compatible with Windows or Apple Mac systems. The DW-S models are dedicated printers for the Mitsubishi Click / IT5000 systems
  4. questionWhat printers can I use with my Click / IT5000 system?
    As at 1st May 2011 the following printers can be used with a Click Lite or IT5000 system CP9550DW-S CP9550DW-S CP9600DW-S CP9800DW-S CP9810DW-S CP3020DE CP3020DA CP3800DW CPD70DW-S CPD707DW-S Note you may need to have your software on your Click or IT5000 upgraded. Contact us for more information.
  5. questionCreating contact sheets on the Click / IT5000
    Printing contact sheets is quick and easy on a Click System. Just select the Index print option in the directory you wish to have index prints for. Note: All images in this directory are printed. The number of images per sheet can be controlled by entering the settings menu (from the front scree ...
  6. questionHow do I backup my images from my Mitsubishi Click System to an external Hard drive
    Note:System Insight's Application launcher program is only installed on systems that have the "Pro-Support" option enabled. Load the Application Launcher by touching the Click Logo on the front screen. This will load our application launcher, then select the xcopy option and follow the on screen ...
  7. questionThe Application launcher isn't being shown on my Click / IT5000
    Note:System Insight's Application launcher program is only installed on systems that have the "Pro-Support" option enabled. If you have the Pro-Support version then the reason it isn't visible is usually because it is still running in the background and hasn't been closed correctly you should cl ...