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How many prints will I need to order with a rental printer?

This is a difficult question to answer as it obviously depends on the type and structure of the event. The main criteria are the number of guests, the shooting window, your workflow structure, how quickly pictures can be taken and how quickly they can be viewed and printed.

You should primarily take into account how long you actually have to take the pictures and how quickly you can take them. For example, if you only have a shooting window of an hour and you take one minute to pose and photograph each subject, the maximum number of pictures you can take will be around 180 (at 3 pictures per subject), irrespective of the number of people present at the event.

Be realistic about the number of prints you can generate in the time available (the majority of printers will produce a print every 30 seconds or so), don't assume every person attending the event will want a photograph and build in 'down time' when people are doing other things. Round-up your realistic estimate by 20% or so and you should be ok. Our estimate for a good event with a single photographer and printer is around 30 - 40 prints per hour.

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29th of May, 2011

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