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I'm getting occasional specks on my prints - how do I stop this happening?

Dust marks on your prints are unusual and are usually a sign the your printer has been left in a very dusty environment.

White or coloured specks on the prints can be caused by dust or small paper particles in the printer. They will generally be removed by running a couple of test prints through the printer although if they adhere to the print head, they will re-occur regularly and can, eventually, cause damage which will require the print head to be replaced.

To prevent this we would always recommend that you keep the printer dust-free as far as possible, preferably in a flight case, and you should remove the media, including the paper-trims from the waste compartment, after each use of the printer. In addition, wiping the print head and rollers regularly with a lint-free cloth or cleaning-bud treated with isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) is recommended. Isopropyl is readily available from many retailers including Maplins, Amazon and PC World and your local chemist and is occasionally marketed as Isoclene. If you are unable to obtain this then you may find that neat Vodka will work.

Note: Isopropyl Alcohol is EXTEREMLY flamable and should be used with care.

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5th of February, 2013

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