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What is the difference between a Mitsubishi Click IT5000 and a Mitsubishi Click Lite?

The Mitsubishi Click IT5000 was originally designed (and continues to be used) as a server for mini-lab, high-volume printing systems, with the ability to be connected to up to 6 Mitsubishi dye-sublimation printers for multi-format printing. With it's easy to operate, touch-screen software, it quickly became popular amongst event photographers as their preferred print-station solution.

Recognising this demand, Mitsubishi released the Click Lite as a solution for event photographers. The Click Lite uses similar hardware to the IT5000 and exactly the same software but is limited to a maximum of 2 Mitsubishi dye-sublimation printers.

The Click Lite is a cheaper solution for event photographers and offers all of the advantages of the IT5000 with the exception of the number of printers supported. In actuality, most event photographers will only ever use a single printer for most events, doubling up to two printers when speed of printing is an absolute priority.

The software used on both is identical in it's operation (apart from the number of printers supported)

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29th of May, 2011

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