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Mitsubishi CP9550DW Dye Sub Printer

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Brief Product Description

Note: This item has been superceded by the Mitsubishi CP-D70DW Single Deck Printer. However, media and consumables for the CP9550DW are still available.

It has Full colour bleed to edge photographs are produced in a matter of seconds from the CP9550DW. 

It can produce 3.5''x5'', 4''x6'', 4.5''x 6'', 5''x 7'', 6''x 8'' and 6''x 9'' prints, and the USB-2 connection ensures fast download times.

The high capacity print roll (600 prints per roll for 4”x6” size) helps to keep the cost per print down as well as increasing the autonomy of the printer.

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Product Reviews

  1. Mitsubishi CP9550DW

    Posted by David Knibbs. on 6th Apr 2008

    I recently upgraded from my two Hi Touch 730PS dye sub printers to one Mitsubishi CP9550DW.

    The Hi Ti printers, produced great prints, but output was relatively slow, price per print was high and there was a tendency for one or two prints to spoil as dust particles were prone to get on the paper.

    The CP9550 is fully enclosed, so I don’t think dust will be an issue. The paper is on a huge roll, prints are cut automatically (so no more changing of print packs after 30 photo’s printed!!) and the printer driver tells you how many prints you have left.

    Set up of the printer and software was a breeze. It took less than 30 minutes to get my first print from the machine. The photos initially had a deep red tinge to them - the profiles provided by Mitsubishi are not very good. I was aware this would happen as colleagues of mine have experienced similar issues with their machines. Fortunately for me, this problem was fully corrected by installing the System Insight profiles supplied specifically for the CP9550DW in their pro support package.

    I had a formal ball last Saturday evening. Not a particularly large event, but a prestigious one, and it was a chance to put the printer through its paces.

    Guests at the event were impressed with the quality of the prints provided and were amazed at the speed we were able to make duplicate copies. The images are stunning - near perfect, with excellent skin tones.

    On our way home, we wondered how we ever managed without this bit of kit. Its fast, the quality of the prints are first class and costs per print are low. I have been very impressed with the performance of the new machine on its first outing.

    I have every confidence that his printer will pay for itself within 3 events. After all, I've recovered a third of the price of the printer already after one event!

    Absolutely no regrets on this purchase.

    Thanks to Mike Orr – consultant photographer, for the help and advice in choosing the CP9550 and the after sales service. System Insight are a pleasure to deal with! David Knibbs

  2. CP9550DW Digital Colour Printer

    Posted by Vic Rowling - The Image Maker Studios on 5th Jan 2007

    During a recent visit to the Nikon Xpo at Olympia Dec 2006 and after attending Mike Orr's "Events Photography" seminar we were intrigued by the Mitsubishi CP9550DW Dye Sub Printer. After a quick demo at the Mitsubishi stand we were totally hooked.

    On our return home we decided that it was the way forward so we excitedly scoured the net to find the best deal.

    The best was definitely from System Insight, everything we needed in one package! Printer; Media; Leads; Profiles; Software, Next Day Delivery & plenty of telephone back up assistance.

    Now to the printer! As you will all know salesmen want to sell their product and they will all say how easy it is to install and use, but when you get home you find out they missed one important detail. Not so with this printer. It actually is as easy to use as they say it is.

    We actually read the instructions first and after scaring ourselves to death by the wording decided to set up the printer. It took less than 20 minutes including installing the profiles for the media. You really do have to see it to believe it!

    We have only had the printer a few weeks and it has already started to earn its money, we expect two decent events will return our investment! Everyone we have shown the quality to has been impressed and expressed a desire to book us for the next event they arrange! We even took a wedding with it! The quality of the prints, for the time it takes to produce one is sublime.

    We are using our printer to generate the funds for the "IT5000 Click" system which we expect to achieve within the next few months.

    System Insight have been brilliant, one of our hard drives crashed beyond repair so we needed to reinstall the printer and profiles, one quick email and the profiles we here!

    Their website is easy to navigate and we recommend you visit the "Top Tips" section, it will save you both time and money!

    There was only one down side, the printer does not come with a "printer driver guide" but it is available in a PDF download which can then be printed, a minor irritation.

    All in all, an excellent investment, Mike Orr said it was a "licence to print money." It really is! Vic Rowling - Photographer

  3. Good work horse keeps on going!!

    Posted by M B on 14th Nov 2006

    When you are under pressure, please rely on CP9550DW printer,just keeps on printing

  4. Much impressed with the 9550.

    Posted by Doug Morgan on 8th Sep 2006

    I am new to event printing and selected the Mitsubishi 9550 based on the excellent information from this website and sparsely available elsewhere on the internet.

    Having just completed my first event, a convention of nearly 500 participants I can say I am very happy with my purchase.

    I compared this unit mostly to the Sony of similar size and price. The quality of the prints and the printer itself simply can't be beat. I presented identical prints from both the Sony and the Mitsubishi to employees of a shop which sells the Sony and all three picked the Mitsubishi prints as superior in both colour and feel every time.

    Using the colour profiles provided by System Insight colours were near perfect with excellent skin tones -- the profiles provided by Mitsubishi are not very good. Once the profiles from here were installed I did not have to touch the printer settings again.

    The printer is fast and reliable. I had many problems with the camera to laptop link but none with the printer. I found that setting the resolution to the higher setting provided the best quality and did not cause any delays. Be sure to leave lots of room around your workstation: we were doing mostly posed portraits of couples and found that while the women were often helping each other pick out the best photograph many of the men seemed to enjoy watching the printer go through it's paces.

    Though the unit is well built and is certainly rugged enough for events, I would recommend the travel case if the printer is to travel. In addition to packing up for the event we had to set up and take down each day and found that the carton from Mitsubishi starts to deteriorate rather quickly. Out of 400 prints only one was unsaleable and that was due to bits of the packaging fouling the print. For the next event we will have the travel case.

    On first setting up the printer we had a couple prints that were not printing to the edge. On inspection it turned out to be a slight twist in the edge of the ribbon. Simply open the printer, lower the tray with the ribbon and straighten the offending edge. The printer is smart enough to know that the media was not changed and will not waste any prints.

    Note that to use 7x5 inch media you will need a 1.5mm hex-head wrench to release the set screws so that the guides may be changed from the default 6 inch wide position. Instructions are provided with the printer but for some reason the little wrench is not. We were in a small town where the shops close on Sunday so luckily we were able to find the little wrench when we needed it.

    At any rate I am happy with the printer and recommend it highly. System Insight has been very helpful and if the shipping charges were lower I would buy the media here rather than in Canada.

  5. Mitsubishi CP9550DW

    Posted by Graham Russell - www.grahamrussell.info on 8th Jun 2006

    Like many professional photographers I am very critical about colour accuracy of my prints. My workflow is fully colour calibrated and using the custom profiles supplied by Stuart the colours of the first prints I produced on the CP9550DW were stunning. Saturation was fantastic and flesh tones were spot on. When throughput needs to be maximized it is possible to produce 7x5 prints in 20-30 secs using the fine printer setting. For maximum quality I prefer the superfine setting. It takes twice as long but produces slightly better images which I prefer for portrait shots. When working on-site at an equestrian event it is important to gets prints into customers hands as quickly as possible and being able to print in 20 secs is a huge benefit.
    Using custom developed on-site viewing software images are wirelessly transmitted from camera to server and are available for viewing on multiple viewing stations immediately. Once a customer chooses what they want, images are automatically adjusted and cropped using Photoshop and placed into a "ready to print queue". The operator simply drags the adjusted image into a "print" queue and fully colour corrected prints are produced seconds later on the CP9550DW. Customers are astounded by the quality and speed of printing. They are also mesmerized as the paper whooshes in and out of the printer as the colours are produced. I am now able to produce lab quality prints in seconds on-site. This gives me a great competitive edge over other professional photographers who haven't yet woken up to the opportunities of event photography.

    The prints are waterproof, don't show finger prints and almost indestructible. These are essential as proms and balls where alcohol is flowing freely!!

    The addition of the CP9550DW to my event business is fantastic. If I sell loads of prints I may have to change the media kit, but apart from that I just don't have to worry about the printer. It just keeps going producing stunning prints all day and all night. My on-site workflow is very hands-off and automatic. This means more time can be spent with customers encouraging them to select photos and less time worrying about IT issues.

    In the last 2 weeks since purchasing the CP9550DW I've covered 3 proms and an all-day equestrian event and the printer performed flawlessly. You can almost count the profit as each print comes off the printer!!

  6. Cost effective and speed on demand

    Posted by Pegasus Photographic on 1st Jun 2006

    Having recently upgraded my old Olympus P400 dye sub printers to the Mitsubishi CP9550 I have been very impressed with the performance of the new machine. Not only does it do what it says on the tin, the colour reproduction and detail are as good as any dye sub I have used in the past. As the unit outputs borderless prints it has even saved time post production as now there is no cutting to fit the prints into the mounts. I must admit that the cost per print (33p approx - 7x5 print) was the initial reason I purchased the printer. I had worked out that it would pay for itself in as little as 2 months. Because of the speed of print and lack of post production cutting I am now running the print unit with only 1 operator. In the past I did feel that 2 operators were needed in the print unit as the old printers were quite slow, there was a tendency for prints to spoil as dust particles were prone to get on the paper, and they needed time to cool down during busy periods. The 2nd person was employed as more of a public relations officer keeping users informed as to why their prints were taking so long. With the CP9550 the 2nd person is no longer required because this printer churns out very high quality prints at very high speed. Maintenance is at a minimum as the roll holds 350 7x5 prints, it is enclosed so very few dust spoiled prints and the printer driver tells you how many prints you have left. This means that you can very easily work out how much profit you have made at an event and how soon you need to re-order stock.I would also like to reccommend Stuart and his team at system insight as it really has been refreshing to deal with people who actually care about customer satisfaction. That is the reason that I am writing this review - I was so impressed with the way Stuart dealt with my purchase (there was a problem with my credit card) - Stuart was what I consider to be a gentleman of the old school - something that is very rare indeed these days.

  7. Pound notes from your Printer

    Posted by Recreative Limited on 25th May 2006

    Each time we use the CP9550DW Printer,we wonder how we managed our events without it.
    Its fast; realiable and the quality of the prints are first class.
    This printer will give you a return on Capital within 3 events.

  8. License to print money

    Posted by Solent Studios on 20th Mar 2006

    The 9550 is incredible! I bought it on Friday ... opened the box at 3:15pm and had my first print at 3:35pm.

    I had a formal ball on both friday and saturday evening. Not particularly large events ... but I've covered half of the price of the printer already.
    If your photography is good and you can get the events to photograph then this printer will make you money!
    In addition, the advice and help from Stuart and his team at System Insight was outstanding.
    Rob Dunning
    T: 0845 257 1752
    W: www.solentstudios.com

  9. On Site Printing

    Posted by Simon Moggridge - SBM Photographic on 11th Feb 2006

    We have been very impressed with the performance of the printer, it's fast & reliable, we have been working in a local hotel, the CP9550DW has allowed us to print the required images within seconds of the customer selecting them.
    We work to a constant print size of 7"x 5" so once the paper roll & film has been placed inside the unit there's no need to open it up again until the roll runs out.
    After the initial set up, the image quality is superb.

    I would like to thank the team at System Insight for the help and advice they have given us over the past few months

  10. Very impressed

    Posted by Dave on 10th Feb 2006

    I purchased the Mitsubishi CP9550DW because my MD wanted a photo printer that produced high quality photos, quickly and cheaply. After looking around I selected the Mitsubishi because it offered good value for money, and seemed to tick all the right boxes. After searching the internet for suppliers I selected System Insight who where very helpful and answered all the questions I had about the unit. When it arrived I had it up and running within 5 minutes, the printer connects by a USB cable and it’s fairly easy to load the paper and the transfer roll (I wouldn’t recommend anyone change the paper mid roll though - [Editor: Spare Ribbon Trays are available to purchase now]). The photos are printed very quickly and cut to size before being eject from the front of the printer. The off cuts end up in a handy plastic bin on the front of the printer. The photos initially had a green tinge to them but this was sorted by playing around with the settings, once this was fixed we found the printer to be very faithful to the original image. The high quality double pass option didn’t seem to improve the quality of the 4 x 6 prints we where using though. All in all I would highly recommend the printer to anyone looking for a high volume photo printer. It’s very robust, well made and produces very good quality photo prints, more than acceptable for the amateur photography or small studio.

  11. CP9550DW - Ideal Event Solution

    Posted by Steve Mitchell - Digital Sports Uk Ltd on 9th Feb 2006

    As professional event photographers specialising in sports photography, quality and reliability are very important.

    Since buying our first 9550DW (we now have a total of 3 and a CP3020) we have been suitably impressed. We decided to print on the day at the event using the Mitsubishi CP9550. After years of only selling online, we realised that by not offering prints on the day we were potentially losing £100's of sales to people, who for one reason or another were not able to view our online photoalbums.

    The superb quality has been been further improved by profiling and the results are stunning.

    Also worthy of mention is the help, advice and support given to us by the people at System Insight a refreshing change in todays marketplace. They are a pleasure to deal with!

  12. Quick and Economical Dye Sub Printer

    Posted by Robert Love (www.theishop.net - company director) on 8th Feb 2006

    We have been very pleased with this printer. We use it to create prints for our customers in our Bexleyheath shop.

    It didn't take very long to learn how to use it and it is pretty fast.

    We can't fault the quality of the prints, the first few off the roll aren't always caught by the 'photo catcher' but that's no big deal.

    We used the manual feed & cut functionality on the printer rather than the automatic feed & cut as the latter cuts 3 photos from the roll whereas the manual feed and cut only cuts one (meant for preventing finger and thumb printers causing bad results).

    Cost of prints is easy to work out, we use three different sizes (mainly 6" x 4" ).

    We tend to switch between rolls and film a fair bit as customers request different sizes, this can be a bit of a pain but once you get used to it and establish a routine it gets easier.

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