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Event Photography for Profit Training Course

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Detailed Product Information for Event Photography for Profit Training Course

If you want to know all about making money from Event Photography then come on our special Event Photography for Profit Training Course.

It's no good getting the photography right only to not get the customer in front of the images, or worse still not make the most of your event and lose out on the profit you make.

Our course is aimed at telling you what you need to know in order to make the most from your event. Learn from the professionals and save your self months of making expensive mistakes.

The course covers all aspects of event photography and a complete range of equipment from most of the major manufacturers is available for you to use on the day.

Our course is NOT a sales seminar sponsored by one manufacturer with the sole purpose of selling you equipment but a complete insight into making money from this lucrative market.

Some of the Topics covered:  

  • What is event photography
  • Types of Event Photography
  • Where are the markets?
  • Marketing and promoting your event photography
  • The essential equipment
  • What you should know before saying yes to an event
  • How not to lose money at the event
  • Setting up and testing – essential!
  • Staffing required and how to use them efficiently
  • How to deal with the staff at the venue
  • How to deal with the event organisers
  • Paying commission or other ‘enticements’
  • Taking the pictures – studio or on-camera flash
  • The best way of ‘presenting’ the pictures
  • How to increase sales from 18% to 60%
  • The work-flow of printing
  • Increase your sales on the evening
  • Increase your sales for weeks after!

and much more...

Delegates may also be interested in our Marketing for Success Training Course which usually runs the day after this course. Delegates that book both courses are entitled to a £50 discount which is automatically deducted from your shopping cart when you use the discount code '2TC', this can be entered after you confirm your address details at the checkout.

Please see our T'c and C's page for our full terms regarding our training course

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great course to set up a business and develop your revenue in Event Photography

    Posted by Andy Meany on 1st Jul 2015

    Attended this course to learn from System Insight's experience and knowledge. Having already benefited from very helpful advice over the phone from the team. This course aims to teach the buisness skills required to be successful in event photography using the skills and experience of people actually making an income from event photography. The course was well formatted and ensured there was adequate time to discuss individual concerns & ideas with the team as well and getting hands on experience with the printers and software recommended by them.
    A great course showing how to build the business and avoid costly errors . It really helps that the team are running their own business, willing to share openly their knowledge and are genuinely interested in helping you to succeed. Well worth the investment both in terms of price and time .

  2. Great insight into the business

    Posted by Pantelis Petrou on 11th May 2015

    The day course is a great introduction to the business side of event photography. Having done some work in this niche sector, bought items from System Insight and received their good advice before, I already had some knowledge but still benefited from hearing their experienced know-how and tips.

    These guys know the industry inside out and I have little doubt that if you want to hit the ground running as a startup or improve your existing business, System Insight are the people to contact. They know the best workflows and equipment, and the delivery of the course is often charismatic and fun. It's also an opportunity to make contacts with like-minded photographers.

    It is all about maximising your takings during the event you're shooting and reducing any superfluous effort and messing around. Although I've worked their method for event photography companies, I was a little sceptical of whether they were doing it right, but System Insight explain the best way of operating and why it works.

    There is the obvious dual purpose of selling items that are there for demonstration, but that is written in the course description and did not detract from the course.

    I feel that System Insight will do whatever they can to help people succeed in this industry, and am glad that I attended and got a boost in enthusiasm and confidence about event photography.

  3. Great course, great printer package.

    Posted by David Hulton on 9th Oct 2013

    I am a professional photographer new to the event photography genre. I took advantage of a great deal for the Mitsubishi printer which included this course for free. The course content was great and well presented, the facilities were also great, good setting, good food and reasonable accommodation. Traveling from Manchester was the only down side as it was a lengthy train journey and 2 night stay. Glad the course was free! Was it worth the travelling and hotel bill? Yes I think it was. The course emphasised how to make money at event photography. Pretty crucial I think in todays market. Lots of thought provoking advice from the experts in this field. Would have liked a little more content on workflow on the course, but having said that the questions I raised after the course were answered by e-mail the following day which was pretty impressive. Overall 8 out of 10 mainly due to the location. Wish it had been in Manchester then it would have been a 9!

  4. Novice or expert, well worth it

    Posted by Doug Jones on 6th May 2013

    I know I can take a good photo, but being making a living out of it is a different story. Event photography is something that I've always been interested in, having experience in photographing sporting events. This course and the follow up marketing course give invaluable advice in a relaxed informal approach, in a great location. Worth every penny!

  5. fantastic course worth every penny

    Posted by kev swain on 2nd May 2013

    What can I say about this course it was great!
    People kept saying to me that your photos are great, why don’t you sell some? I thought yeah I could do that, But with no previous business history I set up and thought it’s easy, but I wasn’t selling much. lacking the confidence to charge although I have a mass of experience dealing with people. Having attended the course it has given me the confidence to know I can do this.
    The team were fantastic, the laid back way they imparted their knowledge was fantastic and I felt at ease throughout the two days.
    Yes if your going to attended the Event course then do attend the marketing course it would be a big mistake not to.
    I have come away knowing which direction I am going and the equipment I need (they don’t try to sell you equipment they give you the knowledge to know what you need).
    Since I have come home my knowledge has already given confidence to approach two new clients on the Wednesday and both have agreed to give my services a try.
    Cheers for the great two days will be in touch soon to let you know how I have done.

    The hotel is a great venue as well very helpful and very clean.

  6. Real World Information at a Nice Venue

    Posted by Lennox George - Lennox George Photography on 28th Feb 2013

    Book this course.
    There is lots of useful real world information on the business side of event photography. From what you need (including equipment), winning business and delivery at the event
    I started putting the advice on winning new business into action the day after the course and am already seeing the results through new leads.
    My advice is to attend this course, soak up the content and take action!!!

  7. Best money I have spent on photography/printer course

    Posted by Andy Moore on 26th Feb 2013

    From start to finish the enthusiasm of Stu and Kit made even the detailed explanation of how a dye sub printer works engaging. As I sat there and listened I realised that I had been doing it very wrong for some time. I have not done that many event print jobs but the ones I have done would have been 10 times more profitable had I know the info given on this course. I am now going into the business with a real confidence that I do not have to make a whole load of old mistakes that will cost me money (I'm sure I'll find some new ones....) Simply a great course that does not waste a minute of your time and is worth more than they charge. Enjoy

  8. Highly Recomended

    Posted by Barbara Curran on 16th Feb 2013

    Thanks a million guys for the wonderful information, really enjoyed the course, have loads of ideas to keep me busy for the foreseeable future.
    Would recommend this course to anyone planning to get into event photography!!

  9. Worth while for everything despite your knowledge

    Posted by Kenny Durbin on 27th Apr 2012

    I have spent many hours sitting behind a computer completing on line course studies in photography and without doubt this training day gave be more insight and equipped me far better than any course material I have completed to date.
    The training day itself is very relaxed and open and there was ample opportunity to ask questions and clarify any points.
    I found both Stuart and Mike very helpful and the day just whizzed by. The venue was excellent and located in easy access from most directions.
    I would highly recommend this course irrespective of whether you are an experienced photographer or just like me commencing a new career.
    Thank you Stuart and Mike

  10. Don't start event photography without doing this course

    Posted by Robert Shepherd - Elite Sports Group on 14th Feb 2012

    I’ve just completed a 1-2-1 event photography course and it’s been one of the best courses I’ve done in a long time. Choosing the 1-2-1 option for me was perfect and Mike was exceptional. He made me feel that I wasn’t on a course, but taking to a mate of mine, we covered everything and more.

    I’m bursting with things to do for my first event next week and lots of ideas on how to move forward in this industry. Mike and Systems Insight, I can’t thank you enough.


    Posted by Alan How on 13th Oct 2011

    I have attended several photography/business courses over the past few years,and this one does "exactly what it says on the tin"no flowery words and graphs,just knowledge built up over years of experience within the business imparted with a frank and down to earth style,a very informative and enjoyable day,I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get into event photgraphy

  12. book it now!!!

    Posted by Gary Kennett on 12th Oct 2011

    As many others have written previously....confirmed that i am heading in the right direction with my business, but then "KABOOM"!!! We were shown how to almost double our takings....it's so simple, and it works!!!
    Great, informative, informal day...thanks once again.

  13. Well worth it

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Aug 2011

    A great course. It helped confirm that in many areas I'm on the right track but also gave me some new ideas and put flesh on the frame of some ideas I've been wre4stling with.
    Workflow was a specific area I wanted to look at and the course provided some really simple solutions as well as some expensive options!
    The only problem was that I couldn't stay for the sales and marketing course which means I'll have to go back again!

  14. What can one say !!!

    Posted by Steven T. Beard. LRPS. on 24th Aug 2011

    Before I attended this course I was under the impression that I was somewhat blinkered!!!

    However, after attending the course, I realised I was in fact completely blind and had no idea how to run a profitable photography business. I had no idea how to market myself or indeed run a photography business, I should have done business courses as opposed to photography ones!!!

    Nevertheless, I now feel more confident that I have completed the course and hopefully I may be able to acquire some new business and move forward with a more profitable future.

    Thanks to Stuart and Mike and their wealth of information and knowledge of the subject matter which they impaired upon us.

    I also attended the Marketing for success Training Course which was held the day after.

    In short, great structured courses providing me with a treasure trove of information.

  15. The best course in the World...

    Posted by Pete Russell on 19th Aug 2011

    ...Stuart and Mike posed the question about event photography, Is it the best business in the world, well if the answer is yes then this is the best course in the world!
    I'm in the process of establishing myself as a pro photographer and during the last 2 years I've dabbled in many different types and styles to find a niche that is worth pursuing, thanks to this course I now have a clear business plan in my head and am raring to go.
    Seriously I can't understand why any event photographer is not following the guidance, workflow and sales & marketing advice that Stuart and Mike are so passionate about and so willing to share. It really does make you wonder though,why they are so willing to share their advice and knowledge, maybe they haven't realised what they are giving away yet, and if that is the case book yourself on this course before they do.
    Oh yes...when you do go on the course you'd better get yourself to the GP for a prescription of sleeping tablets, I haven't slept properly since, the course gives you so many ideas and and a structure to move your business from average to extraordinary you'll not want to waste a minute.
    In the few days since the course I have secured new customers, changed my workflow, trained an assistant and bought a new cash tin!!
    My only regret was not being able to stay on for the marketing course the following day.
    Many thanks to Stuart and Mike, the course has provided me with a focus and clear structures in which to make serious money from event photography.

  16. An eye opener

    Posted by Steve (30 years as a full time pro) on 25th Jul 2011

    A very interesting and thought provoking day.
    Forget about photography and cameras etc we all know about them or should do if we call ourselves professionals. The best part of the day was a simple maths lesson....so simple you wonder why nobody ever told you before. Put simply this was an explantion on how to make money which at the end of the day is what we all need to do to stay in business whatever our field or expertise.

  17. A day well spent!

    Posted by Andrew Walmsley on 15th Jul 2011

    Setting up in business with a colleague we had already photographed our first event, a football tournament, before I attended the course. We had no doubts about the quality of our photography but our work flow & organisation was a major problem. We are now so much confident about the practical aspects of the business and the course is to thank for that. The overview of the business was excellent but it was some of the small things that were brought up that I'm sure are the difference between a business succeeding or not.
    Stuart & Mike and the rest of the team obviously love the business and are happy to talk 'events' all day long, during tea breaks, the lunch break and well after the course ended. The other people attending the course came from various walks of life and it was great to meet a like-minded bunch of people and share their thoughts and aspirations.
    Overall definitely 'a day well spent!'


    Posted by Marion Frances Eastland on 27th May 2011

    I can honestly say that without asking every single one of my questions was answered during the day. The guys were honest and down to earth - no pretentiousness! I have saved a lot of money, time and worry by attending and I am so excited about my first 'event' in July. The team are there for further support, just pick up the phone and they can't wait to help - with ANYTHING, amazing!
    Don't pass this opportunity over the best money I have spent so far on any of my training!

  19. Life on Mars? (A David Bowie ditty!)

    Posted by David Boughey on 18th May 2011

    I must admit that I was somewhat apprehensive of attending a course where I was either going to be the "poor relation" or totally out of my depth. Mike, Cath and Stuart immediately put us all at ease and, in reality, I believe the course was the best value for money and use of my time in a long while. Informative and relevant, humorous and interesting. The day flew by and I was buzzing with excitement when I went back to my room - I had decided to do back to back courses. I could see opportunities where this new knowledge would make all the difference. If there is life on Mars I want to do an event there!

  20. Polished performance but lacking in real substance

    Posted by stephen grimes on 18th Apr 2011

    Mike and Stuart gave a well rehearsed polished performance with a number of laughs thrown in.The morning gave little information,questions being diverted to the afternoon.There where some nuggets of information in the afternoon but no more than can be cleaned from their own and others websites.More practical aspects and demonstrations where few and the documentation poor given the high cost of the course. [Editor: Our first review with less than four stars since the course started in 2006. We make no secret that the course is not a practical photography course but one in which the business and workflow side of Event Photography are comprehensively illustrated.]

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