Photo Kiosks

Photo Kiosks are usually used in a retail environment where the customer can choose his or her images and edit and print them. They create a good revenue stream for the business and bring customers into your store where they them may purchase other goods and services without having to be permanently manned by a member of staff.

We would always recommend discussing your specific needs with us prior to purchase to ensure you get the most suitable system. Our current Kiosk sytems are listed below with links to the items on our online store for current pricing information.


The Mitusbishi Easyphoto Kiosk is our most popular Kiosk system and is available in three variations to suit different needs which are listed below. Additional items include a pedstal, ticket printer and wireless keyboard which can be used to make payment easier and also password-protect certain functions in the head-unit.

  • The Easyphoto ID70 is the most basic system which only does ID & Passport photos and prints on just 6x4. It comes with the CP-D70DW-U printer which is restricted to only printing on 6x4. It is also the cheapest Kiosk System available.
  • The Easyphoto V.2 with the CP-D70DW-S is a more versatile system as it has a selection of packages built-in to the head-unit to give customers more flexibility in their photos. It includes the ability to create calendars, mosaics, ID & Passport photos, greetings cards, frames, compositions and much more! The CP-D70DW-S printer has 4 media sizes available (6x4, 7x5, 6x8, 6x9) which gives you more variety but each different size requires a different roll of media and needs to be changed should a customer want different sizes.
  • The Easyphoto V.2 with the CP-K60DW-S is the newest system combination and has the same packages built-in to the head-unit as the above system. It includes the ability to create calendars, mosaics, ID & Passport photos, greetings cards, frames, compositions and much more! The CP-K60DW-S is Mitsubishi's newest printer to be released and is ideal for retail solutions as it allows for two different print sizes off a single roll of media. With it's roll-back technology, both 6x4 and 6x8 prints can be produced from a single roll of media without a single sheet being wasted making it a perfect and versatile retail printing solution. 

The HiTi P510K is designed as an all-in-one Kiosk system designed for retail use. It does have an 'Event Mode' which means it canP510K_Photo_Kiosk.jpg also be used for on-site event printing and can be used either stand-alone or in conjunction with a computer. The P510K also has the ability to command a slave printer, meaning an additional printer can be connected to offer an additional print size or it can be connected to a different type of printer (such as a large scale canvas printer) so customers can place orders for multiple items through a single system. The P510K has 3 different media sizes available (6x4, 5x7, 6x9) although only one print size can be used at any one time and if you want to produce a different size, the media must be changed. Payments and prices can be built-in and there is also the ability to password protect certain functions. The P510K can produce ID & Passport photos and also frames/templates as well as normal prints.

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