Plastic Photo Card Printers

plastic_id_cards.pngPlastic Card Printers are an ideal product for printing a variety of photo ID cards, membership cards, student ID cards and much more.

We can provide printers that print either single or double sided printing with the ability to write magnetic information on magnetic cards (depending upon printer model).

The Hi-Ti CS200 is the current model of card printer. It is able to print both single and double sided, with the optional additional modules allowing you to print on cards with a magnetic strip, smart IC chips or RFID contactless technology. This printer is ideal for printing cards for a range of uses including ID cards, security passes, memberships cards and much more!

For more information regarding stock and pricing, please visit our online store here.

The consumables for the previous CS320 and CS320M models are the same as previous models (CS300, CS310 etc) and are available here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Card Printers

Q: Do I need to buy different cards to have magnetic strips, chips or RFID cards?
A: Yes, each different type of card requires a specific blank card to suit it. The CS200 had additional modules to enable printing of these different cards. The CS320M can only print on cards with a magnetic strip. 

Q: Can you change the ribbons part way through the length of the ribbon?
A: Yes the ribbon can be changed part way through without problem.

Q: Can I re-print on the card once it's been printed on?
A: Yes, This enables you to print on one side of the card in monochrome and colour on the other. You would need to reinsert the cards. If you are printing double sided cards with the same ribbon then there is no need to do this of course but it may not be the best use of the colour ribbon if you are just printing in monochrome.

Q: Can I print on pre-printed cards?
A: Yes, you could always get cards pre-printed commercially and then print over or on the other side with your printer, depending upon the print process used when they are printed.

Q: Can the software allow me to print barcodes?
A: Yes, the CardDeseriee Software allows barcode to be printed on the cards. A variety of different types are available to choose from.

Q: Can I merge data from a database or spreadsheet?
A: Yes, Data can be merged from a variety of sources.

Q: What's the difference between a 320 and a 320M - What does the M mean?
A: The M designates that the printer has the magentic encoding option. The CS-362 is a magentic encoding version of the CS-360.

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