Printer Flight Cases

All of our flight cases are bespoke designed and used by us, so you can be assured of a quality product.3800fcase__00402_zoom.jpg

Not only do our special lightweight flightcases protect your equipment in transit but they also allow some printer models to be used directly from within the case. This gives the printer an extra level of protection and makes it more convenient for setting up, they give a professional appearance, can be stacked on tables or on each other to provide extra table top work space and they are great for promotion and marketing on the sides.  


Major Benefits of Using our Flight Cases

  • Lightweight - We do not use heavy plywood in our cases. They are made from a special honeycombed plastic board to keep the weight down yet ensure strength.
  • Specially Designed and Bespoke Made - As we use this equipment ourselves,we know that a flight case should be more than just a box. Each of our flight cases has been specially designed by us to be the highest quality and most suitable design.
  • Hand-Built - This ensures a quality product that will last for years.
  • No Wheels - These add extra weight and size to a flight case and are often rendered useless on anything other than the flattest of surfaces. Wheels also risk the printer moving around during transport which negates the extra protection the case gives. Wheels also prevent the cases being stacked or used on tables, which is a necessity for many event photographers. We simply recommend the use of small portable fold-flat trolleys which can be used for the loading of all of your equipment.

For a current list of flight cases we provide and for pricing, please visit our online store.

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