System Insight are well known for having extensive knowledge of Event Photography and Instant Print solutions and our Pro-Support Package means that you not only get priority access to this help and support but also a wide range of additional benefits.

This annual support package which is available both during and after the warranty period of your equipment will help you to get the best out of your equipment and give you piece of mind.

The benefits chart gives you and idea what is covered and full details are listed below.

We are here to help and support you and your business.


PRO-SUPPORT - Features and Benefits

Without Pro- Support 

With Pro- Support
  Telephone Support yes yes
  Telephone Support (4hr Response) no yes
  Standard Manufacturer Driver Disk yes yes
  System Insight Pro-Support Driver and Profile Disk no yes
  Click Systems: System Setup, Screen Profiling and additional drivers no yes
  Click Systems: Additional Software & Templates, Latest SW Versions no yes
  Click Systems: Systems Training either on collection or on-line. no yes
  Job Referral Scheme no yes
  Loan Equipment Scheme no yes
  Discount off Training Courses no yes
  Discount off Equipment Rental no yes
  Discount off Software Upgrades (Click) no yes
  Discount off Support Repair Rates no yes
  Discount off Support Installations no yes
  Uk Mains Cable (5M) no yes
  USB Data Cable (5M) no yes

Telephone Support
Whilst we provide all customers with telephone support, our Pro-Support customers get a priority and are guaranteed a call back within 4 working hours, although in reality your call is usually dealt with either immediately or within 15-30 minutes.

Latest set of Drivers and Utilities
As a Pro-Support customer you will get an additional driver disk containing the very latest drivers and utilities for your printer. No more spending hours downloading the latest drivers from websites and spending hours trying to get your equipment working. Couple with priority telephone support as a Pro-Support customer you can be assured that you will get your equipment up and running quickly so that you can start using it.

Latest Colour Profiles
Pro-Support customers also get free access to our colour profiles for their equipment to ensure your equipment provides you with top quality images all the time. You also get help and advice installing these on your system(s)

Mitsubishi Click System Setup
We use Click Lite and IT5000 Systems ourselves and never use them straight from the box. Our Pro-Support versions of the Click Lite and IT5000 have the following additional benefits:

  • - Latest (working and TESTED) version installed.
  • - Screen Colour Profile
  • - Additional System Insight software installed.
  • - Optional System features enabled
  • - Multi Print Templates installed
  • - CP3800 drivers installed
  • - Wireless Ready (Router and Wireless Camera adapter needed)
  • - FTP Server installed

This list is constantly been added to and such is not necessarily a full list of all the things we do to your Pro-Support System before collection/shipping.

Job Referral Scheme
As we are involved in the event photography market ourseleves we often get offered jobs outside our area which we either cannot attend or prefer to pass to other photographers. Our Pro-Support customers get first refusal on these jobs. We always favour people we know and having been on our training course is also a benefit.

Loan Equipment Scheme
If your equipment breaks down and cannot be repaired within 24 hours we will loan you equipment free of charge, all we ask is that you pay the carriage charge to and from us or you may collect from us.

Wide Range of Discounts
As a Pro-Support Customer you can enjoy a wide range of discounts off the following: Training Courses, Equipment Rental, Software Updates (Click Systems), Repair Rates and System Installations.

Uk Mains Cable and USB Data Cables
Most equipment these days doesn't come with everything you need. We provide our Pro-Support customers with 5m UK Mains Leads and 5m USB cables so that you can use the equipment straight away and don't need any extras to get your equipment working.

Pro-Support is not a machine warranty and does not take the place of insurance of your equipment nor does it affect the manufacturers warranty. The Pro-Support loan scheme only covers equipment failure and not equipment damage. As an Authorised Service Centre for both Mitsubishi and HiTi, the majority of repairs and technicial work are carried out on-site at our offices in Southampton, giving you the peace of mind that your printer is in the UK. This also enables us to have faster turn-around times than the Manufacturers which helps ensure you are not without your equipment for excessive amounts of time.

Pro-Support lasts for 12-Months and can be renewed on an annual basis.

"I'm glad I purchased the Pro-Support when I purchased my Mitsubishi Click System. I had a problem with my printer that took Mitsubishi SIX weeks to resolve and System Insight lent me a replacement printer all the time mine was being repaired. They even arranged it so that I could collect it on a Saturday Morning as I had an urgent job. I must have saved over £700 in rental costs by having my free loan printer and it has allowed me to keep earning money from my equipment. Well worth the small investment"

- Peter Martin-Turner


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