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event_photography_training_delegates.gifAt System Insight we offer a number of courses that will get you established in the lucrative industry and ensure you maximise the profit from your events whilst at the same time ensure that your event goes as smoothly as possible.

As Event Photographers ourselves we are best placed to advise and train you on the various aspects of this lucrative Industry without trying to hard sell you equipment or services. Just good honest advice.

NEW! 1-2-1 Training
If you can't make one of our course dates then we now offer a one to one option at a date to suit you. These personal sessions have a maximum of four people and are held at our offices which is only one mile from the New Place Hotel. Contact Us for full details.

Our Current Course List

Event Photography for Profit - The name gives it away! This is a course for both people new to Event Photography and people looking to maximise the profit from the lucrative market.

Event Photography is profitable IF you get the Workflow and the Sales & Marketing correct and this course is aimed at doing just that. Now in it's eighth year with over 140 reviews, it's obvious that this is the course to come on if you are serious about making money at Event Photography

This course is typically run once a month on a Monday. Delegates may be interested to know that the Marketing for Success course below follows on the Tuesday.

Marketing for Success is aimed at enabling you to take control of the Marketing for your Business and gives you an insight into the simple (and often FREE) things you need to concentrate on to take your business forward. Forget about spending thousands on Marketing Companies and 'experts' in SEO and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Stuart Morley explains how we markets all of his businesses and gives away his secrets that have worked so well for him over the last 20 years. "In my Event Photography Business I have NEVER even made an outgoing sales call". Find out how he does it! Although this course is aimed at Photographers it is just as relevant to any business although the examples used are based on Stuart's own experiences.

There are no books to buy, courses to subscribe to, or anything on sale. It's just a great day with a wealth of knowledge. Anyone who has been on Stuart's Event Photography for Profit course will know what to expect!

Chromakey or Green Screen Photography as it is probably more widely known, is fast becoming the edge that sets event photographers apart and is perfectly suited to themed events, proms, weddings and much much more! 


Successful Event Photography relies upon providing your clients with an image they could not get themselves and how better to do that than with Chromakey. Applicable to pretty much every event and photography scenario, Chromakey enables you to expand your selling potential and in turn increase profits. 


Our course is designed to walk you through the Chromakey process from start to finish so that you can add this interesting and rewarding technique to your own Event Photography business. This course is run on the consecutive Wednesday.

Having run his own financial Services company for 21 years, Carl Reeve knew a bit about business and making money. Here is his story about how he came on our Event Photography Training Course, got into Event Photography, then gave up his day job to be an full time event photographer.

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