Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the course held?

A: The course is held at New Place Hotel and Conference Centre in Shirrell Heath, Hampshire, which is close to the M3 and M27. Discounts are available to delegates who require accomodation (contact De Vere New Place directly for price and availabilty).

Q: Is there parking on site?
A: Yes and it's free of charge.

Q: Can I bring my camera equipment with me?
A: Yes of course you can. We have a demonstration session at the end of the day. No-one is required to get involved (most don't) but you may if you wish.

Q: Do you teach delegates how to become a photographer?
A: No, Some photographic knowlege is assumed but this course is not about the photographic side of the business and it is assumed that you have some knowledge, although this isn't needed for the course.

Q: I'm not a photographer, will the course still be relevant?
A: Yes, if you are looking to get into Event Photography or have already dabbled in this market then this course is for you. Photographic skills are not needed for the course but you are required to be a competant photographer if you wish to get into Event Photography. We have trained many non-photographers who have gone on to be successful photographers.

Q: Can I buy equipment at the course?
A: This is a training course and although equipment is on display we are showing its use, advantages and disadvantages (amongst many other things!). If you wish to collect equipment whilst at the course then just let us know, our offices are only a short distance away and this can be organised. You are paying to come on a training course, not a sales seminar and we want to spend the day educating you, not selling to you. If you wish to discuss buying equipment then please do so during coffee breaks, lunchtime or after the course ends.

Q: Do you hold this course elsewhere in the UK?
A: Currently, we do not hold this course at other venues in the Uk, we find that people who are serious about entering this lucrative market travel from all over the UK, Ireland and even from Europe. If we held the courses elswhere this would impact on the costs we would have to charge delegates which we try to keep to a minimum.

Q: Do you offer one to one mentoring?
A: Yes we have offered this service for a number of years. Contact us for full details.


If you cannot find the answer to your question then contact us on 01329-835500 or Contact Us