OP900 Reintroduced !

  • 09-10-09

Citizen re-introduce the OP900 Photo Printer!

screen-capture-7.pngThe OP900 photo printer was originally supplied under the ICI Imagedata brand as the "Olmec OP900".   ICI Imagedata took the decision to end their supply of all ICI Olmec photo printers when they pulled out of the market in early 2009.

Citizen - who is the original manufacturer of the OP900 printer - were asked by ICI Imagedata to support the OP900 customers by supplying media for their printers.  Since then, Citizen has been supplying media for the OP900 printer as well as their own-branded CW-01 printer.

Initially, after the announcement by Imagedata, media for both printer types was in short supply. However this should now be rectified and media is readily available for both printers.

Media for the OP900 and CW-01 products can NOT be interchanged.  The correct media must be used in the relevant printer.   OP900 media only works in an OP900 badged printer and CW media in CW-01 printers.

Citizen are now pleased to announce that the OP900 printer will be available from Citizen's photo resellers.   This will use OP900 media type so customers with installed units of OP900 can continue to use the same printers and media.

Citizen will continue to supply media for the OP900 and CW-01 printers through its authorised photo resellers throughout Europe.   Additionally, support materials for both printers such as printer drivers and utilities will be available from Citizen's website and spares and accessories through our normal spares and photo resellers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between CW-01 and OP900
- Cosmetically, one has a grey top case (OP900) and the other has an all-black case (CW-01)
- They will show as different model types when plugged in to the USB ports
- They use different consumables which cannot be interchanged
- They will use different Windows drivers (although the core driver is the same)
- Operationally, they are identical - same hardware, colour profiles, driver technology..

Why are there two machines?
- It is very common in many industries for companies to use another manufacturer to produce hardware for them.  In this case, the Olmec brand chose the Citizen photo printer for part of their range.  The OP900 is therefore an branded version of the original Citizen machine.  You may even notice the Citizen name on the back of some OP900 printers.

So who really makes the OP900 / CW-01
- Citizen.  Specifically, Citizen Systems Japan, from a division that was previously known as "Citizen Heiwa Tokei".   Citizen have been making photo printers for more than a decade now and have supplied to a number of OEM companies as well as under our own brand name.

Can you help with the OP1000 and OP600 printers?
- No.  Citizen did not make these printers (we were not the "OEM" - Original Equipment Manufacturer).  

Can you supply spares for my OP900?
- Yes.  Everything but the motherboard is the same between the CW-01 and OP900.  The motherboard is the same but needs to be programmed in the factory to the correct specification.

Can you supply media for my OP900?
- Yes.  This is readily available.   We are not supplying the smallest 3.5" x 5" media as there is no demand.

Can I use CW-01 media in my OP900?
- No.  CW-01 media is coded differently and will error in a OP900.
- The same is true of OP900 media in a CW-01

What is the warranty on my OP900?
- There is no warranty agreement on Imagedata-supplied OP900.  Most of these we believe are outside their warranty period now anyway.   Citizen will of course support any repairs but cannot offer free parts or labour on printers that we did not supply.

- Newly purchase OP900 printers (from Citizen Systems Europe's resellers) will have standard warranty support.

Can I get my OP900 fixed?
- We are working with a service agent to provide repair services.   Initially, please speak to the original reseller who are in the best position to help you.   But Citizen has many locations throughout Europe so we can always provide backup if channel partners are unable to help directly.  Rest-assured, on the rare occasion when you get a fault, it does not mean the end of your printer!

Do you have any utilities for the OP900
- The same utilities were supplied with the OP900 and CW-01.
- However, Citizen produce a small utility to read basic data out of the printers. 

Are there Apple Mac drivers available?

- No.  We have no plans to produce them for the OP900 or CW-01.