Eye-Fi Wireless Card

  • 15-04-10

Eye-Fi_Wireless_Memory_Card.pngThe Eye-Fi card is the 1st wireless memory card. It looks, stores media, and fits into cameras just like a regular SD card. On top of that, the Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi that uses your wireless network to effortlessly transfer photos to your PC, Mac or Click System.

If your camera doesn't have SD memory card capability then you will need an additional adapter.

You will also need a wireless router and access to the Internet in order to set it up.

Range on an EYE-FI card is not usually as good as an external Wi-Fi camera adapter due to the fact that the aerial on an Eye-Fi card is inside the camera and by the nature of the product has a much smaller aerial. However these devices are suitable for occassions where the camera is relativley close to the computer or Click system.

We are able to provide a service to install Eye-Fi functionality to your Click System

Note: Due to the way in which the Eye-Fi card relies on it's own software to operate, this card will not work with the HiTi P510Si printer in stand-alone mode. It can be used however with a PC or Mac which in turn is connected to the printer.

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