I Gave up my Day Job!

  • 12-05-10

screen-capture-38.pngCarl Reeve of Onsitephotos came on System Insight's Event Photography Training Course a few years ago as although not a Photographer, he had an interest in Photography and Making Money.

Having run his own financial Services company for 21 years, Carl knew a bit about money.

Here is his story about how he gave up his day job to be an event photographer, in his own words......


"Everyone has their own reason for wanting to get more involved in photography and mine was to start doing what I enjoy following a life changing kidney transplant in 2007. Having run my own Financial Services for over 21 years I decided to do a few courses with an aim to becoming a professional photographer.

The most inspiring of these was with System Insight when I suddenly realised that there was a real commercial opportunity in photography by getting involved in events. I thought “you have to be in it to win it” so I purchased a Mitsubishi Click Lite system and printer ready to be part of the scene. You have to be prepared to do some cold calling but the course provided plenty of ideas as to where to start. My first ever event in September 2008 was pretty stressful and didn’t go exactly to plan. I deleted the wireless folder on the computer so had to use chips, my gazebo was white and useless for being able to view the screen and finally my generator stopped halfway through and had to be refuelled. But… I took £750 for a day’s work! Job done – no follow up work and this year will be my 3rd time at that event.
Stuart and his team have been really helpful since I started and we have a good ongoing relationship. I value this and it has enabled me to build my business up to professional standard so I have the luxury of shooting with a pair of Nikon D3’s and all the anorak kit I always wanted as a photographer - all paid for from events. This year I opened my own studio to take spin off business from the events and took the giant leap of giving up Financial Services and going it “full time”.
If you want my advice, whether you are a keen amateur looking to start or professional photographer keen to expand, go along to a System Insight Training Courses and see if it is for you.

The course is great and you get to meet others in the same position as yourself. You will get sound advice on the business side as well as the basic hardware set up needed to get started. Event photography does require hard work and unsociable hours but the rewards are good both in financial terms and job satisfaction."

Carl Reeve - OnSitePhotos


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