Click Lite - Second Screen

  • 21-05-10

It is possible to add a second screen or projector to your existing Click Lite or IT5000 System. There are two ways on which you can do this.

IT5000_Two_Mirrored_Screens.jpgMirroring your Click or IT5000 Display

Firstly, you can add a second screen that mimics the Click Screen by buying a special adapter from us which will allow you to run a second VGA device at the same time. This way the customer sees exactly what is displayed on the main screen. You will need our Screen Splitter cable into which your other VGA display or projector plugs into.


RunnIT5000_Two_Display_Screens.jpging a seperate Screen or Projector

Alternatively you can add a second screen which can run an independant slideshow again you output this to a projector, Computer Screen or Plasma TV. The Click Software allows for a Carousell facility which enables you to do this. You will require an additional adapter (which we supply) and some extension cables (5m) which can be used upto a maximum of 10meters.


Additional devices can you use on your Click or IT5000 System

It is possible to use almost any VGA compatible device with either of these methods, however the Screen Mirroring option requires that the second device use the same screen resolution as the Click System.

It is possible to attach additional screens, plasma or LCD TV's and Projectors using these methods.


Using the Carousel Feature on a Click System

Slideshow_on_a_Click_System.jpgOnce the additional monitor adapter has been installed then all you do is choose a folder on your click which contains your slideshow images. We strongly recommend using a folder called "Slideshow" you can then select some options before starting the slideshow. Pro-Support customers can request a datasheet on this facility. Slideshow support is mentioned in the Mitsubishi Click Lite User Manual