P510S series Best Seller

  • 31-05-10


The HiTi P510S Series (HiTi P510s Photo Printer and HiTi P510Si Wireless Printer) are currently our No 1 best selling roll fed dys sublimation printer since it's launch in August 2009. The HiTi P510 Series outsold the nearest competitor by over 2:1.


Why is the P510 Series so popular with Event Photographers?

There are many reasons why these printers are so popular but the main reasons are as follows

  • Lightweight - At only 13.6kgs the P510S is the lighest roll fed Dye Sublimation printer available.
  • Stand Alone capability - Can be used without a PC and the printer is able to print direct from your memory card.
  • WiFi enabled (P510Si Model) - Ability to shoot then print which reduces the manpower required at an event.
  • Superb Colours out of the box - HiTi are known for their superb colour rendition.
  • Reliable - HiTi's has a very good reliabiltrack record with Dye Sublimation printers
  • LCD Screen makes setup and operation simplicity itself.
  • Easy loading consumables - The ribbon is in a single cassette and just slots in!
  • Built in templating - Overprint photos with a logo or template automatically.

No other printer offers all these features, so it's no wonder that the P510S is our best selling printer (Aug 09 - June '10)