CP3800DW - Matt Prints

  • 14-07-10

CP3800DW_Photo_Printer.jpgFirmware upgrade for CP3800DW now allows Matt printing.

Mitsubishi's CP3800DW now can support Matt printing. Your existing printer can be upgraded to support this new facility.

This firmware upgrade doesn't offer any additional functionality apart from applowing the CP3800DW to produce Matt Prints

Matt prints are currently only available on Windows platforms, but support for Apple Mac should follow shortly.

Useful Information:

  • Matt prints can be created on existing media, no new media is required.
  • Firmware upgrade can be done by System Insight or by Mitsubishi Direct (see below)
  • We at System Insight offer a while you wait service on this upgrade.
  • The upgrade is optional and the firmware upgrade only provides Matt functionaility
  • Printers sent back to Mitsubishi will incur a service charge.
  • The upgrade can be done over the phone with a PC connected to the internet. The upgrade takes approx 30 minutes and can be done by contacting Mitsubishi on 0870-606-5008
  • Click System users can turn on Matt functionaility by going into the printer settings menu and enabling it. We believe this functionality will be included in the Click software in a later software release