Hard Disk Upgrade for Click

  • 12-08-10

We at System Insight can now offer you a Hard Disk upgrade to your Click or IT5000 system. The upgrade adds a 1Terabyte drive to your existing system.

1TB_Hard_Disk_Upgrade.jpg This gives you the following advantages....

  • More than 12 times the original capacity of the standard hard drive.
  • Dual boot system - Your original drive is retained as a spare in case of failure ensuring you can keep working if a drive fails.
  • Simple instructions on how to switch between both drives.
  • Can backup images from one drive to the other. (Ideally recomended where the original drive is smaller or both drives are the same size.)
  • A maximum of TWO drives can be installed in a machine (The original 80GB drive must be removed if two 2TB drives are to be used.)

Pricing of Hard Disk Upgrade which includes installation and setup