New CP-D70DW / CP-D707DW

  • 22-09-10


Photokina - Cologne, Germany - 22nd September 2010

Mitsubishi launch two new printers which could be their fastest ever.

The CP-D707DW and CP-D70DW are the latest event printing solutions from Mitsubishi. These printers are the fastest event printers on the market at the moment whilst benefiting from a compact and lightweight design!

Key points to consider are:

Smoother Definition – Text and images appear sharper

Lightweight Design– Weighing only 12KG for the single deck and 22KG for the double deck.

Compact Size – Takes up 40% of the volume space of the CP9810DW

Fast – Prints a 6x4 image from 5.9 seconds!

CP-D70DW angle.JPGThe CP-D70DW has a compact and lightweight design with measurements of 446mm x 140 mm x 275 mm and weighs in at only 12KG. It also takes up only 40% of the volume space of the comparable CP9810DW printer. This single deck printer can produce 6x4 images within 8.4 seconds with a print capacity of 400 images.

The double deck version, the CP-D707DW weighs in at 22KG and measures 446mm x 340mm x 275mm (DHW). This version can produce 6x4 images within 5.9 seconds with a print capacity of 800 images.CP-D707DW.JPG

Both models are designed as space saving systems. They have a front loading construction so the media and ribbon can be easily and quickly replaced. Despite their compact design, both printers can hold a large quantity of paper thus enabling high volume printing. This event solution also produces prints with smoother definition so that text and images appear shaper and clearer.

Mitsubishi have also introduced a new cooling system onto both these models. This cooling system enables high volume printing whilst reducing the risks of overheating.

These models are also available as DWS versions to work with the Click, IT5000 or Kiosk systems.