HiTi P510S/Si - Matt Printing

  • 18-03-11

HiTi launch Matte Printing option for P510S / Si Series

P510S_Event_Printer.jpgMatt Printing Option is now available on the HiTi P510s Photo Printer and the HiTi P510Si Wireless Printer

The Matt Printing option is currently available using a firmware update (available from us at System Insight).

Matt Printing on the P510S is currently available from Windows and in Stand Alone mode and Apple Mac OSX support should follow shortly.

You need to know the following:

  1. If your Windows Printer Driver supports Matte format (Look on the Settings tab in the driver for the Matte option) then you don't need to update your printer driver.
  2. The Firmware on you HiTi P510S will need to be Version 1.10 or above. You can find out the current firmware version by looking at the settings menu on the printer (tab 5).

If you need to update any of these items then please contact us at System Insight for the latest drivers and firmware.