"Marketing for Success"

  • 13-04-11

"Marketing for Success" is new for 2011 and is aimed at enabling you to take control of the Marketing for YOUR Business and gives you an insight into the simple (and often FREE) things you need to concentrate on to take your business forward. Forget about spending thousands on Marketing Companies and "experts" in SEO and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Stuart Morley explains how we markets all of his businesses and gives away his secrets that have worked so well for him over the last 20 years. "In my Event Photography Business I have NEVER even made an outgoing sales call". Find out how he does it. Although this course is aimed at Photographers it is just as relevant to any business although the examples used are based on Stuart's own experiences.

There are no books to buy, courses to subscribe to, or anything on sale. It's just a great day with a wealth of knowledge. Anyone who has been on Stuart's Event Photography for Profit course will know what to expect!


Full details for our "Marketing for Success" Training Course