Latest Darkroom Update

  • 14-10-11



Darkroom Software 9.1.1878 has just been launched and introduces a number of new features and fixes.

These updates are free of charge for users using Version 9.1. If you are using a version prior to 9.1 then you will need to purchase an upgrade.


New Features:

  • Can now use Original Filenames with HotFolder/FTP/Wireless Cameras
  • Can use HTML for Photo Emails.
  • Nikon 5100 Supported.
  • Tethered capture works on all pages.
  • Calendars updated to 2012. 
  • Added Fuji LP5700 Printer (Pro/AE).
  • Setup Options for Barcode Scanner Detection.
  • Shows Catalog name or file path on order if no customer name. 
  • Option to hide "find" buttons in Event Presentation Mode. 
  • Delete sends to recycle bin.


  • Fuji PIC/FCIM hotfolder printing issues.
  • No longer resets some settings on upgrade. 
  • Rotated green screen image node issue. 
  • PDF Printing issue. 
  • F3 to find next image works. 
  • Save to Digital Media works correctly.

Assembly Version Specific Notes:
- New: Add PSPA Photo Option for Power School with 200x300 images.
- Fix: Photo Email now works properly. 
- Fix: EDF file not resolving customer info. 
- Fix/Add: Fuji S5/Canon Barcodes supported.
- Fix: Issue with barcode scan during field input.