Photo Booth Strips 6x2

  • 19-02-12

Instant_Photo_Booth.jpgPhoto booths often produce a 6x2 photo print and up until now this hasn't been possible on a dye sub photo printer. However a few manufacturers have now started to offer this size.

A 6x2 print is half a 6x4 size and is usually printed on 6x4 media for this reason.

You will need to configure the printer driver to support this size and it is worth checking with us should you be using an Apple Mac as some drivers don't support this when using Mac OSX.

If your printer doesn't support this size then it might be possible through a driver or firmware update to print 6x2 photo strips as used in a photo booth.

For more information: Instant Photo Booth Printers and printing Photo Strips 6x2