Windows 8 Compatability

Windows have now launched their latest operating system: Windows 8!

Windows 8 has made a huge impact on the tech world and will revolutionize the way we surf the internet as well as carry out normal everyday tasks. Windows 8 is faster and more manageable than Windows Vista and can easily replace it as it requires no extra hardware. With a totally touchscreen based design and layout, Windows 8 is  and will perform equally well on other portable machines like PDAs and smartphones. This will resolve a big gap between these two platforms and bringing over software from Windows 8 desktop version to the tablets version will be a breeze.


Will your Dye Sub printer work with Windows' new Operating System?

If you want to know which printers we have tested with the new OS then checkout our webstore which lists all Dye Sublimation Printers that have Windows 8 drivers available. For more information about which printers can work with Windows 8 but drivers have not yet been released, please contact us for details on our recent testing results!