NEW! Mitsubishi D80 Printer


The CPD80DW from Mitsubishi is the latest printer to be released and joins the CPD70 and K60 in the instant photo printer market. This printer is one of the fastest event printers on the market at the moment whilst benefiting from a compact and lightweight design! The CP-D80 also has some of the lowest running costs on the market as well as highest print quality and an incredible level of versatility. The main feature of the CPD80 is it's ability to print 4 sizes from a single media type - CKD868 enables you to print 6x8, 6x6, 6x4, 6x2 with zero wastage! Mitsubishi's fantastic rewind functionality, first seen in the K60, means that no ribbon will be wasted by swapping between these 4 sizes. 

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