PhotoKey - The High Quality, Easy-To-Use Green Screen Software

  • 31-08-11

By photographing your subjects against a green screen, you can transport them to anywhere in the world and place them in front of any background! All you need is PhotoKey 5, the latest version of FXhome’s powerful and best-selling compositing software. It’s an easy, fun and creative way to expand your photographic horizons!

PhotoKey 5 is an amazing piece of software for all photographers who want to add green-screen functionality to their event work. All you have to do is position your subjects in front of a chromakey green (or blue) background, take the picture, transfer it to PhotoKey 5 on your Windows or Mac PC and the green background will be automatically removed from the photograph allowing any background of your choice to be added.ID_and_Passport_Photo_Software_222px__87528_zoom.jpg

But this is only the start! PhotoKey 5 then allows you to customise the style and appearance of the new image by adding extra layers to bring in props, logos, magazine covers, frames, captions and much more giving you almost unlimited creative possibilities. In addition, the FXhome people have addressed one of the main questions raised by many green-screen photographers – “…where can I find suitable backgrounds?” – by providing a massive library of 750 background images, available as a separate purchase by theme with 25 royalty free images being included as standard.

The really clever thing about PhotoKey 5 is that it takes care of the technical behind the scenes work, making green screen simple and intuitive for even the most ‘software-challenged’ photographer!

What is green screen?

Green screen (also known as chromakey) is a technique used by movie makers and photographers where subjects are photographed in front of a green (or blue) background which is then automatically removed by the software and replaced with any background chosen by the photographer. This can greatly improve the saleability of the photo as subjects can be placed in any location to suit the theme of an event and aids in multiple sales. For example, at a James Bond themed event you could place your subjects in front of the 007 camera-iris target logo or even in front of the Grand Casino at Monte Carlo; or at an X-Factor themed party, put them on the stage!


What does PhotoKey 5 do?

PhotoKey 5 has many easy-to-use features to improve workflow and add functionality to the green-screen process. These include:

  • Filters and effects - these ensure that photographers can adjust the foreground and background images to make the final photo more realistic and convincing
  • Layers - additional image layers can be positioned in any order either below or on top of the foreground subject image. This can increase realism by adding depth and custom 'props' to the photo.
  • Masks, Overlays and Text - Masks can be used to create the illusion of the foreground subject passing 'behind' a background object; Overlays sit on top of foreground, background and custom layers and can be used for logos, borders or magazine covers; Text can be added to the composite with full control over position, font etc
  • Automatic Batch Processing - this enables multiple images to be processed automatically  
  • PhotoKey4_Magazine_covers.jpg

PhotoKey Products

PhotoKey consists of three core products plus the backdrop collection:

  • PhotoKey 4 - is the entry level product containing the core tools plus additional colour filters and effects features
  • PhotoKey 5 Pro - adds more filters and effects as well as automatic batch processing of images creating a faster workflow. It also supports publishing to Facebook and Flickr as well as being able to email images from inside PhotoKey. 
  • PhotoKey 5 Plug-in - is a Photoshop plug-in which works inside Photoshop without having to switch applications
  • Backdrop Collection - gives you access to the entire FXhome library, with themed collections including: Autumn, Cloudscapes, Creepy, Fantasy, Floral, Gothic, Grunge, Halloween, Happy Holidays, Kids Party, Love, Modern, Pirates, Prom & Paparazzi, Winter, and Studio Backgrounds 1, 2 and 3. 

PhotoKey 5 is one of the market leaders in green screen software but you could also consider Darkroom Software - (Formally Express Digital) which includes a very comprehensive green screen solution although it is a complete Event Photography Solution. Whereas PhotoKey 5 is purely for green screen manipulation, Darkroom - Core and Pro editions provide the photographer with a total end-to-end business solution.