Citizen CZ-01, the professional dye sub photo printer for the home user…

Citizen CZ-01 re-writes the rules on roll-fed dye-sublimation photo printers. It’s the most compact, lightweight, roll-fed dye-sublimation that has ever been released.

The CZ-01 boasts a compact and lightweight design, being only 5.8KG with a footprint that is 44% smaller than the CY-02. The media capacity is 150 4×6 prints which is impressive for such a small printer. Combined, this makes the CZ-01 a perfect printer for the home user.

Key Printer Specs

  • Prints: 4×6 & 4x5x8
  • Weight: 5.8KG
  • Print Speed: 18.8sec for a 4×6
  • Operating System: Win 10 or Big Sur
  • Print Capacity: 150 4×6 & 110 4.5×8
  • Dims (W-D-H) 208 x 240 x 198mm
  • DPI: 300 or 600
  • Print Finishes: Gloss, partial Matte or Matte

First Impressions

The Citizen CZ-01 has been designed with the enthusiast in mind. If you love taking photos and want to print them, but you don’t want to pay expensive postage or wait a couple of days, then the CZ-01 gives you the ability to print your photos, at home, instantly. The CZ-01 is a professional roll-fed dye-sublimation photo printer, so it can be used for any instant printing needs but is restricted by print size. There are more cost-effective printers in the Citizen range, with more flexible print sizes such as the CX-02 and CY-02, however, if you have a limited budget, the CZ-01 is a great choice, as long as you don’t want to print larger than 4.5×8. If you are on a tight budget, you could have a look at our ex-demo range.

If you are looking to replace your current Mitsubishi printer, we’d recommend looking at the full Citizen line up, alternatively, calling our office (01329-835500) and having a chat with one of our experts.

The CZ-01 shares the same design benefits as the rest of the Citizen printers, with front-loading paper, however, the ribbon is top-loaded. Loading the paper is simple, you simply insert two paper spindles into the paper roll, and the ribbon is loaded directly into the printer, aligning the ribbon with the cogs on the left-hand side, and clipping in the right-hand side into slots. The waste box is easy to remove and attached and should be emptied whenever changing your media, or transporting the printer.

There are two LED lights on the printer door (Power and Error Light), which will indicate the status of the CZ-01, such as Power to the printer, an error with the paper or ink, out of media, along with other issues as listed in the printer manual. The USB and Power sockets are located at the back of the printer, as well as the power switch. Having the power switch on the back of the printer is more of a pain than having it on the front, however, to save space, this was a necessary sacrifice.

Due to the open design of the CZ-01, it is extremely easy to access the thermal printhead for cleaning, connected to the lid of the printer, this raises up when you open the top door and can be cleaned using one of the Citizen Head Cleaning Pens. It’s worth noting, that when you release the top door, it’s sprung loaded, we’d recommend not letting the door spring back on its own, and softening the open by keeping hold of the door.

We’ve tested the CZ-01 with a Windows 10 64-bit system, and a Mac running Big Sur with an M1 processor, and the driver works for both. This is a massive bonus for the CZ-01, as a lot of other manufactures struggle to keep their drivers updated. We’d always recommend checking drivers are available for updating your system.

The Citizen CZ-01 Specifications

Printer Design

The Citizen CZ-01 is the smallest and lightest 4″ roll-fed dye-sub photo printer on the market, this makes for easier transportation and takes up next to no room on a desk. The downside is print capacity, the CY-02 can hold 700 4×6 prints in comparison to the CZ-01 150. Dimensions are 208(W) x 240(D) x 198(H) mm, which is tiny in comparison to the Mitsubishi CP-D70DW.

A clean, professional design is one thing, but the quality of craftsmanship on the CZ-01 is what makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. The drawers open and closes effortlessly, there is minimal lateral drawer movement when the drawer is open. The waste box is removed by applying gentle pressure from the size, and built-in springs allow for a smooth fitting. A nice touch is a flap on the waste box that closes when you remove it, which prevents the snips from falling out.

If you are looking at the CZ-01 as a home photo printer, bear in mind that an Inkjet “Photo” Printer in comparison is bigger, heavier, slower, with a higher consumable price.


The CZ-01 features Citizen’s brand new cooling technology that allows for you to print longer, without the printer taking a pause to cool the printhead down. Great for when you’re in a rush!

You’ll also get a catch tray with the CZ-01, so you can print multiple photos, without having to worry about them falling on the floor. The tray just clips onto the front of the printer and is easy to install and remove.

Print Manager is available for the CZ-01. Print Manager is free software that monitors which media size is loaded in the printer and how many prints are left on the roll amongst other features. You have a Hot Folder function that will auto print any photo that you drop into it. That makes it ideal for a Print All event or PhotoBooths.

It’s fair to say that the CZ-01 doesn’t share some of the more premium features that the CX-02 has, like panoramic prints, and large format printing like the CX-02W, however the compact and lightweight design, with a low initial cost, more than makes up fr that

The Citizen CZ-01 is the first printer to market which has a 4″ print head, although it can actually print 4.5×8 and 4×6 prints.

In comparison to the CX-02, print sizes are limited, as the CX-02 can produce up to 6×9, however it is a more expensive printer.

The CZ-01 isn’t the quickest printer, it can print a 4×6 in just under 19 seconds and a 4.5×8 in 23 seconds, which is slower in comparison to the CX-02 which can produce a 4×6 in under 9 seconds, however, you shouldn’t purchase the CZ-01 if your only concern is print speed. If you compare the CZ-01 to a HiTi P310W, which is a sheetfed 4×6 printer, the CZ-01 is over twice a quick.

Print quality is just as good as the rest of the Citizen lineup, although this printer is the lowest-priced, it’s not an entry-level dye-sub photo printer, it costs less because it doesn’t have some of the features the more expensive models have. It also doesn’t print as quick or have the same flexibility in print sizes as the CX-02 or the CY-02. This is the reason for the price difference, not the quality.

The CZ-01 is able to finish the print off in Matte, Partial Matte or Gloss, giving you even more choice! You do not need to purchase different media for this, the print will simply adjust how it applies the final clear layer of the print.

Lastly, you also have the choice of 300 or 600dpi. 

All of this combined makes for a really good printer for the enthusiast. We at System Insight can’t think of a better printer to purchase if you are looking to produce 4×6 prints in the comfort of your own home.


The warranty period is 2 years.

System Insight is an authorised service centre for Citizen, this means that if you experience any issues with your printer, we will take a look at it first. This typically means a much quicker turnaround time.

Citizen printers are widely regarded as some of the most robust and reliable printers on the market today, which is a major factor when looking to purchase an instant photo printer.


  • The CZ-01 is the first 4″ Roll-Fed Dye Sublimation Photo Printer
  • You can print 4×6 or 4.5×8
  • It’s the ideal home printer for the enthusiast
  • The overall build quality on the CZ-01 is second to none
  • Image quality is the same high standard as all Citizen Printers
  • You have a 2 year warranty
  • Citizen manufacture this printer
  • The footprint is small and will take up next to no space on a desk