Mitsubishi CP-9800DW-S

CP-9800DW-S is System Photo Printer from Mitsubishi.
The version -S is supplied as a “system printer” – it means it can only be used with a Mitsubishi Kiosk or Click 5000 system.

Media is not the same as the standard Grey fronted -DW printers.

Mitsubishi CP9800DWS

Important Info: Mitsubishi Electric has announced important information regarding end of life status of their printers and print media.
Photo Printer Media will be available for up to 10 years (until 2030). View our full range of currently available Dye Sub Photo Printers

Photo Print Media for the Mitsubishi CP-9800DW-S

CK9015 4x6 Media
CK9015 4x6 Media

CK9015 4×6 5×7 Photo Media  – 600 4×6 prints – 1 Rolls

£67.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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CK9523 6x9 Media
CK9523 6x9 Media

CK9523 6×9 Photo Media  – 270 6×9 prints – 1 Rolls

£85.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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CK9318 5x7 Media
CK9318 5x7 Media

CK9318 5×7 Photo Media  – 350 5×7 prints – 1 Rolls

£101.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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About The Mitsubishi CP-9800DW-S

Speed has nothing to do with trickery – it’s all about having the right technology.
The Mitsubishi CP9800DW-S dye-sublimation printer, which can be combined with Click and Kiosk systems for digital image delivery, is an excellent example.

Its sophisticated technology can produce color prints at a resolution of 300 dpi at a constant rate of one every 8 seconds – including lamination.
That means over 100 photos in just a quarter of an hour! And you can rest assured that no compromises have been made in terms of quality and image definition.

Thanks to Mitsubishi’s Adaptive Thermal-Head Management Engine it can faithfully reproduce even the minutest details. A protective film has been added to extend the life of the thermal heads, and a special coating on the rear of the ink sheet roll reduces wear and tear on moving parts.
In short, the CP9800DW-S not only operates at top speed, it also has excellent staying power.

• Exceptionally high print speed
(standard format 10 x 15 cm in 8.7 seconds)
• Resolution: 300 dpi
• Greater color depth on high grade paper
• Mitsubishi Adaptive Thermal-Head Management (MAM)
• 5 print formats (10 x 15 up to 15 x 23 cm)
• Can be integrated into Click and Kiosk systems
• Extremely durable due to low-wear operation

Mitsubishi CP-9800DW-S Accesories & Flightcases

Mitsubishi Cleaning Ribbon for the CP9800DW, CP9810DW ,CP9500DW & CP9550DW
Mitsubishi Cleaning Ribbon for the CP9800DW, CP9810DW ,CP9500DW & CP9550DW£69.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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Flight Case for CP9550DW Printer
Flight Case for CP9550DW Printer£300.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

No longer available to purchase.

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Mitsubishi CP-9800DW-S Specifications


The Mitsubishi CP-9800DW-S can only be used on a Mitsubishi kiosk system, NOT on a PC or MAC.

Weight and Dimensions

approx. 21 kg

3approx. 329 x 383 x 404 mm (incl. bottom legs)

Print Size & Speeds

127×89 mm  / 8 sec

152×102 mm / 8 sec 

127×178 mm / 16 sec

152×203 mm / 18 sec 

152×229 mm / 19 sec