Features: Anti-Curl Technology

Anti-Curl Technology ensure the printed photo is flatter than other prints from other roll fed printers. Sheet Fed Printers have never had issues with anti-curl as the sheets are flat although most printers now are roll fed.

Anti-Curl Technology is not available on all printer models.

What is Anti-Curl Technology

Dye Sub printers use a print media containing a ribbon and a roll of paper (very old printers were sheet fed!). This means that the paper is wound tightly on a roll. When the print is printed it has a slight curl to to although this is less obvious with small print sizes like 6×4 but more pronounced on 6×8 and above.

Anti Curl technology almost removes this natural curl using a series of rollers inside the printer.

In the image below the print on the left was printed by a printer without anti curl. The print on the right was printed by a CP-M15E which has anti curl built in.

CP-M1E Anti Curl

Do you need Anti-Curl Technology?

Well, printers have printed like this for years and it hasn’t really been a problem that people have complained about but a flat print is better than one with a slight curl so printers with anti curl technology would be better than those without if all other specifications were the same.

Prints from printers without Anti-Curl fit into photo folders and mounts without any issue at all.

We wouldn’t recommend buying a printer just for anti curl unless you really needed it but it is a nice feature.

Mitsubishi was the first company to use this technology in a compact Dye Sublimation Photo Printer.

Current Printers with Anti-Curl Technology