IDPhotos Pro

IdPhotos Pro 8 is an advanced but easy-to-use tool designed for automatic image processing of passports, visas and any other ID photos so that they meet the specific requirements of international ID regulations.
Unlike typical photo editing software, ID Photos Pro 8 has been developed especially for passport and ID photography. This is why it’s one of the fastest and most precise tool on the market today. Only 10 seconds are needed from load an image, its verification process and the final print.
If you are looking for a simple yet powerful solution for printing your ID photos with full biometric support then ID Photos Pro 8 is the answer. ID Photos Pro 8 takes full advantage of our proprietary algorithms to automatically detect all relevant facial biometrics. In addition ID Photos instantly aligns and crops the image to fit local passport requirements. It detects potential issues such as mouth expression, sunglasses, reflections and much more.

Key Features

  • Made Specially For ID Photography
  • Ready To Use Templates
  • Simple Powerful Solution
  • One year subscription support and updates  (after activation of software).

Download a Free Trial of IDPhotos

A standard catalogue of ready-to-use templates – for passports, visas, driving licenses and other identity card photographs – is included. With IdPhotos Pro 8 software, photographers avoid the problems with dimensions, head size or resolution that usually cause ID photos to be unaccepted by officials.

Quick Look at the ID Photo Pro 8

  • Supported Formats – over 160 ID photo formats
  • Fast – fast file loading with instant preview
  • Full screen image preview – option to view uploaded picture in full screen
  • Email Photos – can send photos directly from software
  • Photo Archive – search for files by customer name or date implemented

Advanced features make this software a very attractive solution for the many demands of contemporary digital photographic studios. In just a few seconds any user can send the appropriate ID photos for printing.

IdPhotos Pro 8 has many new and improved features that allow you to create quality ID Photos simply and quickly.

  • Even more supported formats – IdPhotos Pro 8 supports over 160 ID photo formats (Passports, Visas, ID cards, etc.) from more than 50 countries.
  • Second generation auto-biometric system – the advanced algorithms applied to the image analysis, perform detection of the head, face, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, chin, the top of the head and hair. All this in order to show you the already corrected and cropped image on the screen immediately.
  • Fast file loading with instant preview – in the IdPhotos Pro 8 software, a mechanism has been implemented that makes it possible to open files super fast from portable drives, with a preview of them directly in the software.
  • Full screen image preview – in IdPhotos Pro 8 there is an option to display the uploaded pictures in the full screen mode, which significantly helps choose the best shots.
  • Printer calibration – IdPhotos Pro 8 software is equipped with a possibility for a full calibration of used printers (both manual and ICC profiling with a simulation of printer colour preview on the screen.)
  • Modern UI – Modern graphical user interface that gives you a choice of the theme with which you will be working in the software. There is a bright and dark colour theme available.
  • Sending photos via email – in Idphotos Pro 8, an additional way of providing photos for customers has been introduced, that is sending them via email directly from the software.
  • Photo archive – in IdPhotos Pro 8, a mechanism for archiving pictures has been introduced, allowing for searching of files by the customer’s name or the date of their implementation.

***Please note, after one year the subscription support and updates expires. You can renew the subscription for updates however,but it’s not a must! Your license we is perpetual. The software won’t stop working when the Subscription expires – it just stop download updates and support is limited (e.g. without remote connection).***