Citizen CX-02S Product Information

The Citizen CX-02S is a compact, fast and reliable high quality photo printer which produces superb photos in several sizes. It is suitable for retail, event photography, photobooths and theme park photography solutions. The CX02S is solely a photo sticker printer

Citizen CX-02 Pricing and availability

The Citizen CX-02 proven in the market for both print quality and reliability. The CX-02S model is an enhanced version of the CX-02, designed to cope with printing self-adhesive media (sticker media). The adhesive media has been designed to adhere to most substrates with minimal rippling (trapped air), so it’s great for a multitude of different applications such as; school yearbooks, scrapbooks, wall stickers etc. Unlike some competitor models, CX-02S carries a full 2-year warranty meaning you can operate your printer without the worry of unscheduled maintenance and costs.

Photo Print Media for the Citizen CX-02S

CX-02S 6x8 Sticker Media
CX-02S 6x8 Sticker Media

Citizen CX-02S 6×8 Sticker Media – 400 6×8 prints – 2 Rolls

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Weight and Dimensions


275 x 366 x 170mm

Additional Information

Print Speeds

  • The CX-02S is one of the quickest 6″ dye sub photo printers on the market.
  • 4×6 in under 10 seconds.
  • 5×7 in under 15 seconds.
  • 6×8 in under 16 seconds.
  • 6×9 in under 21 seconds.

Print Sizes

  • The CX-02 has specific media to print 4×6, 5×7, 6×8 and 6×9, meaning no matter what size you decide to print, you can be sure that you are doing it the most cost effective way. With the rollback, purchasing the 6×8 media will also allow you to print 4×6 without any wastage.
  • Using the correct media, you can print:
  • 3.5×5, 5×5, 5×7, 4×6, 6×6, 6×8 & 6×9


The warranty period is 2 years

System Insight is an authorised service centre for Citizen, this means that if you experience any issues with your printer, we will take a look at it first. This typically means a much quicker turnaround time.

Citizen printers are widely regarded as some of the most robust and reliable printers on the market today, which is a major factor when looking to purchase an instant photo printer.