Ex-Demo and Pre-Owned Printers

Often a great way to buy a Dye Sub printer at a very reasonable price. We notify the availability of these via our email newsletter or you can follow us on Facebook for full availability

At System Insight, we do Trade Shows and Event Photography ourselves. So, not only are we recognised experts in our field, able to provide customers with proper, informed advice about our products, but we also have a high turnover of equipment which we can sell on to our customers at greatly reduced prices. This, of course, includes Ex-Demo Photo Printers which are available here in our Online Shop.

Why buy a Ex-Demo Printer? Our customers buy Ex-Demo’s for a number of  different reasons. You could just be starting out in Event Photography and you want to have a cost-effective, cheap to use but ultra reliable printer.  Another reason is, you might not be sure that Event Photography is for you- meaning that you don’t want to spend a fortune on equipment. You may also prefer a back up Printer for Events- so if something does go wrong before or during the Event- you will have an alternative option. This will give you peace of mind.

What are Ex-Demo Printers?

These are nearly new printers which have usually only been used by us.

For example, they may have been used in our office for printing customer samples, used at an exhibition, event or trade show. They could be a new printer where we have opened the box for a particular reason, such as to take promotional photos. Be assured that the print count is usually exceptionally low and we always were possible inform you of this.

We also replenish our rental printer stock every 6 months or so, selling these as Ex-Demos too.

Do Ex-Demo Photo Printers come with a Warranty?

Ex-Demo printers are sold as new and you have exactly the same rights as when buying a new printer from us.

All of our Ex-Demo Photo Printers come with 3 months’ Pro Support, our advanced technical support package which includes ‘4 hour call back’ and a 24 hour repair guarantee.

In addition, they often come with some of the manufacturer’s warranty remaining, as well as a verified print count.

Why Buy an Ex-Demo Printer instead of a Brand New Printer?

These are premium printers at significantly reduced prices. So, you can save a substantial amount of money by purchasing an ex-demo printer. You can buy a brand new printer with zero on the print count and full warranty but why splash out that much when, you can spend a fraction of the price on a printer with virtually no print count. The printers come with a proportion of the warranty  which is normally two years, (one for the printer head) or 100,000 prints ( Mitubishi only).

Furthermore, we will also include 3 month’s Pro-Support with every Ex-Demo printer. So, if you have any questions or queries regarding your printer or if you have any questions our technicians are always on hand.

But be quick, they don’t hang around for long!

Naturally, our stock of Ex-Demo Printers varies from time to time. You can keep updated as they become available by subscribing to our newsletter