Printer Rental

Renting a Dye Sub Photo Printer offers a number of advantages over purchasing a printer. With System Insight, you will be able to hire a printer for a week, we’ll arrange delivery and collection all included in the cost of your hire.

Hire from a range of Dye Sub Photo Printers including our favourite 6″ Printer the Citizen CX-02 and 8″ Citizen CX-02W

Why Rent a Photo Printer?

Photo Printer Rental

Often, renting as photo printer makes perfect sense if you are new to a particular type of event and are unsure how a piece of equipment will perform. You have the ideal opportunity to try the equipment at a live event and make money without having to purchase expensive equipment.

Rental is also very useful for existing customers, who are doing a large event and need extra equipment and so can just rent what they need without expensive capital outlay.

Photo Printer Rental: Current Photo Printer Models and Rental Pricing

Information on Renting

If you’re new to Event Photography, renting a printer can be a great way to ‘test the waters’, reducing the initial financial expenditure which comes with setting up a new business. Renting costs a fraction of the price of purchasing and although we find that the first few events are more for finding your feet, renting a printer can still give you a really good idea of whether or not on-site printing is for you.

Second to None!

“I first used System Insight to help me with  my first big event. Although I have practised as a professional photographer for several years, I was new to on-site printing technology. I was impressed with their help and advice from the onset and found their pricing structure very reasonable. The printer was delivered on time and in excellent condition and was then collected as arranged. It was a very simple piece of kit to operate. If I did have any questions their technicial help desk was readily available. I would not hesitate to use System Insight for my next event and recommend them 100%”
Lucy Mooney

We also have a great Rent-to-Buy Deal (see below), so you can save even more money and really use renting to your advantage!

We rent almost everything we sell, which currently includes most of the photo printers and systems available today. For more information regarding our Rentals please read our Terms and Conditions.

We also offer leasing which keeps down your initial expenditure and is 100% tax deductible in nearly all cases. You also have the option of owning the equipment at the end of the lease. Or another option is Rent-To-Buy, try before you buy and buy the printer that you have used at your event.

50% OFF your Rental Cost!

Rent a printer & if, within 30 days of returning it, you decide to buy one from us, we’ll give you 50% of the rental price you paid OFF your new printer! You may even be able to buy the printer you’ve rented! Rent-To-Buy has a number of advantages meaning that you can save even more money as well as try before you buy!

Main Advantages of Renting a Photo Printer from Us
  1. Only pay for the media you use! – No expensive rolls or packs of media to buy and find you don’t use. Pay for what you need.
  2. Flexibility – We can offer rentals at the very last minute.
  3. Low Costs – Our weekly rates are often cheaper than other companies daily rates!
  4. Purchase Option – 50% rebate on equipment hire if similar product is purchased after rental period (within 30 days).
  5. Everything you need – Everything is supplied (cables, manuals, profiles etc)

You may also be interested in leasing your photo printer which is a very cost effective method.