HiTi X610 Product Information

HiTi X610 Product Information

HiTi is well known for high-quality, innovative and cutting edge technology.Who else in the industry, releases a printer that can print 2400 prints per hour with an outstanding quality. No-one else of course.

They have changed the way Panoramic printing works with the new X610 Printer. There are a few Dye Sublimation Printers in the industry that print 360 panoramic prints to this prestige level and size. You can print from 6×4″ up to 6×56″ panoramic images.

One of the most exciting features of the X610 is the ability for you to print tandem prints. This ability to print tandem prints allows the X610 to print up to 2000 prints per hour. This must be a world record!

  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Ultra Fast Speed– Super Fast Speed- can print 2000 prints per hour
  • Multiple Print Sizes – Choose from 6×4″ up to 6×56″ panoramic prints prints
  • Print Speed – Prints a 6×8″ image in just 1.5 seconds or a  6×8″ image in just 3 seconds.
  • Print Options – You can choose to print photos that can be mounted, panaromic images or even Banners
  • Print Length Selections – 28″ and below – you can print a selection of different size prints, 29″-36″ – one size with continuous printing, or 37″-56″- choose one size and one print at a time.
  • Panoramic Printing  – Print Panoramic Prints. You can also choose to print up to 56″ long size images.
  • Small Footprint – Lightweight and Compact
  • High Quality Results- beautifully vivid colours and deeper blacks than other models out in the market!
  • Outstanding Print Quality –  (300 dpi )Text and images appear sharper and more defined
  •  Versatile – Choose to print matte or glossy
  • Software- HiTi Prolab and Print Manager
  • Compatible –  X610 Print Kit. New generation of consumables for high quality, low cost and environmentally friendly
  • Perfect For Large Scale Events – Such as Festivals, Tourist Attractions
    • Works With – HiTi Multimedia Libra 220 and the Mars 12.

The X610 One Pass Tandem Printer opens up a world of possibilities and allows you to provide a new and exciting range of possibilities for your clients and guests. You can print even more images in even less of the time. This will increase your profit greatly.

HiTi X610 Compatible Products

All the products listed below are suitable for use with the HiTi X610 Photo Printer

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X610 Media Pack

X610 Media Pack

£159.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

HiTi X610 Software Downloads

About The HiTi X610

Dye sub printers on the market were only capable of printing up to 6×9 inch photos, unable to fulfil the growing panoramic photo needs. With HiTi’s revolutionary design changes and breakthroughs, we can now print up to 6×56 inches, realizing the possibilities of panoramic photo printing.
With the conventional wet lab types of equipment needing more than 30 square ft of space, X610 only needs a mere 3.2 square ft in comparison. Based on the plant rents of US$15 per square ft, a monthly rental fee by using an X610 instead can save US$400 or more, significantly reducing the cost of operations.
Despite its amazing print speed, X610 operates at a much lower power consumption than conventional wet lab printing. The hourly power consumption for X610 is only about 0.95KWh, which is around 15% of the power consumption needed for conventional wet lab equipment. Based on the industrial electricity consumption of US$0.069 per kWh, if both equipment operates for five hours a day, 25 days a month, X610 can save about US$45 per month on electricity alone. If a photofinishing plant has 30 units of conventional wet lab equipment, turning to X610 for photofinishing saves more than US$1300 every month on electricity. Even more, conventional wet lab printing generates a lot of heat during operation, resulting in the fact that stores need to turn on air conditioning to lower the indoor temperature, therefore, X610 can save a lot more expenses than you can imagine.
An impressively high volume of 2000 4″x6″ prints gives a longer running cycle without the need for frequent consumable replacement. Prints 4×6″ in 1.5 seconds (approx. 2300 prints per hour).
Prints 6×8″ in 3 seconds (approx. 1200 prints per hour).
X610 is the perfect solution for mass printing and instant photos.
Power on X610 and you can instantly print photos without machine warm-up time.
High quality and low ownership cost. Outstanding print quality without chemical process and maintenance, accurate colour reproduction supporting customized ICC profile.

Photo Print Media for the HiTi X610

X610 Media Pack
X610 Media Pack

X610 Media Pack – 2000 4×6 OR 1000 6×8 prints

£159.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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  • Win7 and above

Weight & Dimentions

  • Approx. 70Kg
  • 418x614x736 mm

Print Size

  • 6xN” ( N up to 56”)
  • 28″ (711mm) and below / Mixed sizes with continuous printing
  • 29″ (737mm) ~ 36″ (914mm) / Single size with continuous printing
  • 37″ (940mm) ~ 56″ (1422mm) max / Single size, one print at a time

Print Speed

  • 6×4” (152x102mm) l Approx. 1.5 sec (Upto 2400 prints per hour)
  • 6×8” (152x203mm) l Approx. 3 sec (Upto 1200 prints per hour)
  • 6×9” (152x229mm) l Approx. 3.5 sec (Over 1000 prints per hour)
  • The print speed of Fine Mode is only half with Standard Mode. 6×4″ is 3sec, 6×8 is 6sec and 6×9 is 7sec.