X610 Media Pack

£159.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

Product Code: HTX610-46

£159.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

X610 Media Pack – 2000 4×6 OR 1000 6×8 prints

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The X610 Media Pack will print 2000 4x6 prints/ 1000 6x8 prints. The media pack comes with 2x Paper Rolls and individual Ribbons for each colour (Y/M/C) plus a Ribbon for the clear coat. The X610 Media Pack can print 4x6, 6x8 up to 6x56.

Printer Compatibility: X610

Print Size: 4x6, 6x8

Pack Size: 1000 Prints, 2000 Prints

Number of Media Rolls: 2