Printer Compatibility with your Operating System

It’s critical to know if your new printer will work with your operating system. We have tested the majority of our printers with the different operating systems available.

We always recommend checking your printer will be compatible before your update your operating system.

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Dye Sub Printer Compatibility refers to whether or not you will be able to use your new dye sub printer with your current computer’s operating system. Most of our printers will work with the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. However, some older printers may only work with the older versions. Please check each individual printer model to see what they are compatible with. The printers we sell and support are usually the best printers in terms of operating system compatibility but be aware that other printers sold elsewhere may not have the same compatibility with future operating systems.

Mitsubishi and HiTi printers are often very well supported with the latest versions of an operating system even for legacy models that have been discontinued.

Drivers for your printers will come in the box, however, you may need to download the latest version from our online shop (there is no charge). We recommend making use of this section as you can download your driver prior to receiving  your printer.

At System Insight, we know from experience that a task such as installing a driver can start out easy but end up taking hours! If that’s the case, please take advantage of the technical support we provide to our customers and give us a call.

The Mitsubishi Click Lite, Mitsubishi IT5000 / Click systems and AIO (All in One) Solutions may use their own software drivers which are built inland are usually not compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems.