Stand Alone Printers

A stand alone printer is a device that can be operated without the need for connection to a computer. They are usually operated by inserting a memory card, USB Stick or using WiFi.

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Stand alone printers are printers that can either be used without a computer either using a memory or usb card with a inbuilt screen  or with a smartphone app or via wifi. They sometimes have their own card reader and USB facilities. All stand alone printers normally have the ability to also be used with a computer if required.

Some stand alone printers also have the ability to print via WiFi or from a smartphone. If a printer is listed as stand alone then it may need additional accessories purchased separately to enable this feature.

There are a number of advantages:

  • Portability – they are not as heavy so it’s easier to carry them from site to site.
  • You don’t need to take any other equipment with you (such as another computer/laptop).
  • All you need in order to print is a USB or an SD card which you plug straight into the printer.
  • Ideal for certain events, such as, equestrian events where you are outside and electricity isn’t necessarily available; or pre-paid events where you just print lots of photos out (batch printing) etc.

In our stand alone printer range we have a portable printer: the HiTi P110s. This printer is compact, lightweight, runs off rechargeable batteries and can be accessed directly from within a carry-bag. The P110s prints onto 6×4 sheets and has a capacity of 60 sheets per battery.