News: Media change for the CK-K76R(HG)

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Media change for the CK-K76R(HG)

Applicability: Printer Model CP-K60DW-S

CK-K76R (HG) has been changed. It will be introduced from October 2022 and you will receive the new media automatically once the current media stock is finished.

Some raw materials have changed:

  • ① Ink ribbon: overcoat layer material change
  • ② Paper: receiving layer material change

Image quality will remain the same, however due to the different characteristics in paper transport, one adjustment may be required once you receive the new media.

In order to know how to proceed, please download the instructions and tool for the complete process from the below link:

If this adjustment is not applied on your printer, you may find white stripes on the top and bottom of your prints due to vertical misadjustment.

Please notice that the reference number is not changed. In order to identify if you receive current or new media, please pay attention at the differences in the packaging:

On the Box: Indications printed in Blue instead of Black

On the Ink Ribbon: Revision letter change from A to B


  • This adjustment MUST be applied once new media is inserted in the printer.
  • Make sure to change paper roll and ink ribbon ALWAYS together.


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