Windows Update (KB5000802) Issues

Have you recently updated your Windows, to find that all of a sudden your printer won’t print?

The Windows update (KB5000802) released in early March, has caused many issues with many different printers printing. This isn’t isolated to a certain model, or brand of printer, or even dye sub’s, it has affected several printers. Other issues surrounding this update have included Windows completely crashing, bringing up the dreaded blue screen of death.

Since then, there has been a further Windows update (KB5001567 ) to resolve the printing issues. Simply check for updates and Windows should automatically update you to the latest version. If this doesn’t work, check for updates, you’ll see the following update under the “optional quality update available” section:

2021-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5001567)

Alternatively, if this doesn’t work…

You can manually remove this windows update:

  1. First start by pausing updates, as even after removing it, Windows may still attempt to reinstall it
  2. Open up the Start Menu, and select the settings gear on the left
  3. Select “Updates and Security”
  4. Click “Pause” for 7 days OR under advanced options, select a date you would like Windows to pause updates until
  5. To uninstall the update, open up your Control Panel and select “Programs and Features”
  6. Select “View Install Updates”
  7. Select KB5000802 (version 20H2) from the list and uninstall

You’ll be back to printing in no time

It’s worth mentioning again, this is a Windows issue, rather than a printer issue. Neither System Insight nor the printer manufacturers can resolve this issue, the most recent Windows Update should fix this.