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New Media Delivery

Friday 29th October –

CKD-868 is now back in limited stock quantities and back orders are being dealt with in the order they were placed.

Additional supplies are also on back order with Mitsubishi and expected soon.

Also today, another shipment leaves our Dutch office bound for head office here in the UK. CK-D746 is on this shipment and anticipated delivery to us is the middle of next week.

This media will be on a first come, first served basis.

DO NOT CALL US asking if your order is being sent or where you are in the queue as we are unable to answer these questions at the moment. The situation is changing daily as supplies come in and some people switch their orders to a different print size.

All the latest news on Media is posted on Facebook first

If you need Print Media this year and haven’t already got some on backorder you may not receive any if you don’t act very soon.

We are experiencing very high call volumes as most of the UK is currently searching for media.

All updates to the situation are posted on Facebook. If you don’t follow us there then you won’t be get updated although we will still process your back order.

Other News

How to do I backorder Media?

Simply order the product as usual (Don’t pay by Paypal as you will be charged instantly). You can click on the media below to go straight to that product.

How does back ordering work?

Placing an order on back order does not commit you to buying the media it just puts your name in the queue for media.

When media becomes available we will contact you and give you the option to purchase it at the current price. If you agree we will charge your and ship your order. You may revise the amount you want (only downwards) at this time.

What price will I be charged?

If the media comes direct from the Manufacturer as usual then we will charge the normal current price.

If the media has been obtained elsewhere (e.g. Europe) and we haven’t purchased at our normal price and we have had to pay for shipping etc then the price will reflect this.

You don’t have to buy it at the higher price and can wait for supplies to come from the manufacturer.

You may also cancel your back order at any time.

Delivery Dates

Our own media from Europe will become available mid October. Media from the manufacturers will be available mid/end November.

As we use this media in our other business our order will be the first to be shipped.

Why is there a problem with Media deliveries?

The effects of the pandemic has had a negative effect on many suppliers of all types of goods around the world. Here are the main reasons…

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