HiTi 510 media is now more environmentally friendly by changing to a reusable ribbon tray (aka ribbon holder; previously called a cartridge). Experienced P510 customers will be used to having a ribbon and tray, in one complete cartridge. Well, 510 media is now being produced with the ink ribbon separate from the tray so that, instead of using lots of cartridges, customers have only one tray which they re-use. This is great news for the environment, something which we at System Insight are always keen to support. Consequently, we’ve put together some helpful FAQs in order to smooth your transition into using this new type of consumable.

FAQS: The New HiTi P510 Series Media

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Q: What are the different types of HiTi P510 Series media?

A: This is the history of the HiTi P510 Series Media:

  • Pre 2016, HiTi Media Ribbon came complete with a plastic tray which held the ribbon. This meant that each time the ribbon was used plastic was unnecessarily thrown away. No ribbon tray was needed with this media as it was included with the ribbon.
  • In 2016 HiTi changed the media and did away with the ribbon tray with each ribbon and included a reusable ribbon tray with each media pack. The new, reusable ribbon tray which came with the ink ribbon (but was separate) was a transitional product – and was made available for around 18 months so customers could obtain a reusable ribbon tray which would be kept and not thrown away.
  • In 2018 The media packs only included the ribbon and paper (much like other manufacturers). All media now available does NOT contain a ribbon tray.

Q: Do I need to do anything?

A: Yes!

1) You MUST upgrade the firmware for your P510 printer BEFORE you use the new media. You can do this using this HiTi P510S Media Firmware Download link from our shop. (Take the old paper and ribbon out first.)

2) We would also recommend that you reinstall your printer’s drivers too to ensure full compatibility with the new ribbon trays.

3) You must keep your new ribbon tray as you will need to re-use it. If you use different media sizes, you will also need to remember that each media size has its own sized tray and keep one for each of the sizes. (More on this below.)

Q: What happens if I use the new ribbon tray before upgrading my printer’s firmware?

A: DON’T use the ribbon tray before upgrading your firmware, otherwise your tray may be damaged and stop working. This could be incredibly inconvenient for you if you have an event coming up soon or need your printer urgently for any reason.

Please email us if you need any help in this situation.

Q: Why were these changes made? What’s good about these new P510 consumables?

A: HiTi, like us, cares about the environment and is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its consumables. The new media involves far less plastic so is more environmentally friendly.

Q: Can I use a 7×5″ tray for 6×4″ media?

A: No. Each size of media has its own tray. So, you need a 6×4″ tray for 6×4″ media, 7×5″ tray for 7×5″ media etc. This makes sense as you can store your ribbons in the tray if you swap media sizes often.

Remember: don’t throw your trays away – you will need to re-use them.

Q: I’ve upgraded to the new firmware, can I still use my old media?

A: Yes. The new firmware supports both the old and new media.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know about this?

A: For those affected by these changes, we would always recommend that you install your new firmware and printer drivers well in advance of your needs, so you are not caught out.