Flight Case for CP9550DW Printer

£300.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

Product Code: 9550FCASE

£300.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

As Used by Mitsubishi Electric! – This flight case is specifically designed to hold the CP9500DW(S), CP9550DW(S) or CP9600DW(S) Dye Sub Photo Printer. The printer can be used *in* the case and the power and usb cables can remain fixed whilst the printer is installed in the case. Carrying handle on the side facilitates easy carrying and a flat top allows placement of a laptop or display screen. The case also has a space underneath the printer for cable, output tray and trimmings catcher. This carrying case is specifically designed and built from lightweight materials which allow easy carrying and shipping.

No longer available to purchase.

Printer Compatibility: CP-9500DW, CP-9500DW-S, CP-9550DW, CP-9550DW-S