Mitsubishi CP9550DW

The CP-9550DW is the replacement for the CP-9500DW Photo Printer and offers a faster printing speed due to its new dual line head. To keep pace with the rapid advancements of digital cameras and mobile camera phones, the demand for higher performance digital photo printers has increased. With the CP-9550DW, Mitsubishi Electric has unveiled their new, innovative, dual line technology, further enhancing the high grade and detail which are the hallmarks of dye-sublimation printers. These digital photo printers have been designed for commercial use and produce beautiful, photo-quality prints.

The Mitsubishi CP9550DW printer has now been discontinued. Check out our current models

Mitsubishi CP 9550DW

Important Info: Mitsubishi Electric has announced important information regarding end of life status of their printers and print media.
Photo Printer Media will be available for up to 10 years (until 2030). View our full range of currently available Dye Sub Photo Printers

Photo Print Media for the Mitsubishi CP9550DW

CK9046 4x6 Media
CK9046 4x6 Media

CK9046 4×6 Photo Media  – 600 4×6 prints – 1 Rolls

£71.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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CK9069 6x9 Media
CK9069 6x9 Media

CK9069 6×9 Photo Media  – 270 6×9 prints – 1 Rolls

£102.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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CK9057 7x5 Media
CK9057 7x5 Media

CK9057 5×7 Photo Media  – 350 5×7 prints – 1 Rolls

£111.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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About The Mitsubishi CP9550DW

It has Full colour bleed to edge photographs are produced in a matter of seconds from the CP9550DW.

The high capacity print roll (600 prints per roll for 4”x6” size) helps to keep the cost per print down as well as increasing the autonomy of the printer.

Building on Mitsubishi’s established reputation for quality, dye sublimation, thermal transfer printing, the CP-9550DW features a unique, roll-type mechanism for jam-free reliability and a colour reproduction system developed specifically for digital printing technology. This new technology utilizes built-in colour imaging chips to accurately control colour characteristics and deliver consistent print quality, regardless of ink sheet. A 346 dpi thermal head further enhances print quality at superior resolutions.

Mitsubishi CP9550DW Accesories & Flightcases

CP9550DW Series Waste Box
CP9550DW Series Waste Box£23.60 Exc VAT @ 20%

No longer available to purchase.

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CP9550DW Series Paper Spindles
CP9550DW Series Paper Spindles£25.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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Mitsubishi Cleaning Ribbon for the CP9800DW, CP9810DW ,CP9500DW & CP9550DW
Mitsubishi Cleaning Ribbon for the CP9800DW, CP9810DW ,CP9500DW & CP9550DW£69.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

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Flight Case for CP9550DW Printer
Flight Case for CP9550DW Printer£300.00 Exc VAT @ 20%

No longer available to purchase.

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Photos of the Mitsubishi CP9550DW

Video of the Mitsubishi CP9550DW

Printer Drivers, Manuals, Datasheets and Downloads for the Mitsubishi CP9550DW

Paper Catcher Installation

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CP-9550DW User Manual

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CP9550DW – ICC Colour Profiles

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CP9550DW – Mac Drivers

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    Mitsubishi CP9550DW Specifications


    The Mitsubishi CP95500DW is compatible with both Windows & Mac

    CP9550DW Weight and Dimensions

    Approx. 37.4 lbs. (17Kg)(excluding accessories)

    300(W) x 365(D) x 325(H) mm

    CP9550DW Print Speeds

    9×13 (3.5×5”) : Approx. 15 sec./sheet (Super Fine mode : Approx. 27 sec./sheet)
    10×15 (4×6”) : Approx. 16 sec./sheet (Super Fine mode : Approx. 29 sec./sheet)
    13×18 (5×7”) : Approx. 25 sec./sheet (Super Fine mode : Approx. 47 sec./sheet)
    15×20 (6×8”) : Approx. 29 sec./sheet (Super Fine mode : Approx. 55 sec./sheet)
    15×23 (6×9”) : Approx. 30 sec./sheet (Super Fine mode : Approx. 58 sec./sheet)

    CP9550DW Print Sizes

    9×13 (3.5×5”) 89 x 127mm (without frame)
    10×15 (4×6”) 102 x 152mm (without frame)
    13×18 (5×7”) 127 x 178mm (without frame)
    15×20 (6×8”) 152 x 203mm (without frame)
    15×23 (6×9”) 152 x 229mm (without frame)