Chromakey Photography Training Course

If you are looking to get into Green Screen Photography and want to add it to you skills without having to make all the mistakes yourself, then let us train provide you with comprehensive training in Chromakey Photography.

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Are you looking to offer your customers the latest in Event Photography? Do your events need more of a WOW factor to improve sales?

Chromakey, or Green Screen Photography, as it is more widely known, is fast becoming the edge that sets event photographers apart from others in the industry. This is perfectly suited to themed events, proms, weddings and much, much more!

Successful Event Photography relies upon providing your clients with an image they could not produce themselves and how better to do that than with Chromakey? Applicable to pretty much every event and photography scenario, Chromakey enables you to expand your selling potential and, in turn, increase profits.

Our course is designed to walk you through the Chromakey process from start to finish so that you can apply this interesting and rewarding technique to your own Event Photography business.

Key Features

  • Ideal for beginners in Chromakey
  • Hands-on experience

A Quick Look at the Chromakey Photography Training Course

  • What is Chromakey? – What can you do with it and where would you use it?
  • Chromakey Equipment – What you need to get good results.
  • Backgrounds – Correct set-up will ensure perfect images, we show you how.
  • Lighting – The key to getting Chromakey right.
  • Dealing with the Customer – How to maximise the experience.
  • Taking the Photo – Correct posing for Chromakey; best practise for good results.
  • Software and Imagery – Using the correct software.
  • Using the Background – Where to find them and what to look for.
  • Overlays and Covers vs Chromakey – What are the differences and when would you use each?
  • Marketing Chromakey – How to make the best of your Chromakey set-up.
  • Hands-on – Get to use the equipment yourself – feel free to bring your own camera and have a try.
  • Plus much much more….